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Aug 20, 2003
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I want to ask a question, and hope someone has a good idea. If you had a horse(s) , with special needs, how would you go about finding them a good home. I am asking about a particular pair of animals. Now, before any flaming, or anything that goes that way, please remember, this is not a dire needs situation, I am just looking for Ideas.

I have two horses, both blind, one from a eye condition and the other from a seizure. I have had them for years. One is a 1989 stallion and the mare is a late 80's model also. I have had them since early 90's. One went mostly blind in about 1996 and the other has gotten progressively worse since the late nineties. the stallion is actually a grand champion that was shown in the early 90's.

I am looking for a loving permanent home, where they are the only horses , or at least are the only ones ever to be in a field together. This has got to be a permanent situation. I have gotten a foal out of this mare every year, but would just as soon her never bred again. She frets so bad when the foal is weaned. Now, if you want to flame me for giving them away, please dont. I have thought long and hard about this. If i can find a permanent home for them, I will do so, if not, they can stay here. If someone has any ideas, please pm me. If you want to flame me, skip it, I am just considering their best interests. They are both extremely docile and well bred.
Well no flames here I prefer the idea of someone finding a retirement home for their older horses than the other 2 options( salebarn or putting them down). I am not sure how to go about it WE tend to be on the recieving end
We have an old full sized appaloosa stallion who is totally blind that was given to us (actually he belongs to my best friend who's farm I help manage) Over the years we have been home to quite a few old timers and special needs horses. There are homes out there I highly reccomend careful screening call their vet, call their references, call their farrier, go visit if you can and see first hand what the set up is. take your time and don't rush if it doesn't feel right don't do it.
No flames here! I will say though its not easy to find homes for older horses with physical problems. I do however have a woman looking for an older mini that just emailed me a few days ago. But she only wants a mare. I think your biggest problem will be keeping the two together as one is a stallion. Please email me if you need to!

would you be willing to have the stallion gelded? seeing as you want them togther which i do think is important for seeing impaired horses but also dont want her bred?.. If you geld him you might have an easier time finding the right home for them
Oh, I have no problems at all with either being fixed in the right circumstance. These horses are not culls. By far, I have had several people ( from locally) here who have seen them offer to "take" them. I just want them to go to a permanent, not in it for anything but the love of it, environment. The stallion is the sire to national top ten and national champion horses. He is a super bred stallion.

I have no more desire to breed the mare, as every time you wean a foal from her, she gets too upset. SHe has always been allowed to self wean the foal, and that is the best option as she doesnt fret so much. I will continue to look into someone wanting two excellent horses, both sweet as can be, and see what happens. Now saying that, the mare is in foal for 04, so that has to be considered. She will foal mid summer, and someone must have the facilities to care for her with a new foal. She foalseasily and does fine with the foal.
i must say if it were me i would look into seperating them since it sounds like you want the stallion to be a stallion or wouold prefer it i mean even though you would geld him. Why not look for a home for mare and foal and then make sure you geld the foal if it is a colt before htey go and they can just stay togther always no need to wean? that is just a thought
My only concern here is that they stay TOGETHER. They depend on each other, and if I were not to tell someone, you wouldnt guess they were blind. They know their pasture which is about 2.5 acres, and actually trot around, etc. They also come running when they are fed, but it does take them some time to learn a pasture,and when something is startling, they risk injury. They cannot be with other horses, as they will bump into things if run or scared. The stallion still has some vision, although very limited, and the mare has little or none.
Would it be possible to have them pastured with a horse who also has visual problems, but still has sight? I have a filly who is missing an eye (she had a pasture accident and the eye is totally gone) and she runs pretty well, even bucking and kicking when she wants to. Where are you located? I would love to help, but transportation would be the issue.
kentucky, and yes, they are actually with an appaloosa mare I have that has moon blindness, and has some problems with that. she sees fairly well, and is such a kind mare, that is almost a seeing eye horse for them. These horses had sight until recently so are well adapted. I am most concerned that they go to a permanent home, and all papers will go with them. The stallion is double reg, dna tested, etc, and I dont mind if he is bred. He is absolutely awesome, a greyed out black tovero stallion, who is a dell tera stallion. 31.75 inches tall, and the mare is 34 inches , all bond on top side, and is a silver bay. They have produced all colors. The stallion is identical to blue boy except not as heavy bodied. But please remember, this has to be a permanent home. I am extremely attached to this horse. I have owned him since 1993. her since shortly thereafter.
I would love to be able to help you. If you want, email me at [email protected] . Michelle Sharrock of Wesco Farms can be a referance for me. I bought most of my horses through her. She is a good friend of mine. I actually have horses at her ranch breeding right now. I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

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