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Aug 7, 2007
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Pacific NW
Help! I've never had a horse shipped before and am looking at one that would need to be transported about 900 miles. I found some old threads that discussed this, 2005-6 people were paying amazingly low rates like .57/mile. Those were the days

Please share.....I really need some kind of a rough idea of what people have been charged lately with all the increased fuel costs, in order to know if I can afford to even make an offer on the horse!
Here is what Ive recently paid:

Miniature Colt from Ohio to Las Vegas $385

Selle Francais Mare from Oregon to Idaho $425

Ive inquired about miniature transportation through a few companies and most have been in the $400 range.

Hope this helps??
Just last week I just put out a bid on UShip (, owned by ebay) for a horse to travel 930 miles from MA to KY and the quotes came back between $675 and $1300. We decided to accept an offer for a box stall in an air-ride semi going direct for $725 (they asked $800 but since they were going from MA to KY anyways they accepted a counter-offer). All in all the rates were from $0.75 to $1.25/mi.

We did get an offer for someone to RIDE the (lame) horse for "only" $400.... said he could get him here in a week.
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Thank you Mock2 and Nathan! Really appreciate the detailed info.

Nathan, I posted a Uship request yesterday but hadn't heard back from any shippers. I'm glad you found a decent hauler through them....the "riding" the lame horse to you offer made me giggle
2 mini mares and 1 suckling filly. AR to VA (1,000 miles) last month, $660

1 mini mare, ME to VA, 620 miles, last month, $400

You get discounts with more than one horse coming from the same location.

In my experience, Hauled Wright will get back to you with a quote VERY quickly and they do a superior job of taking care of your horses on the road and of loading / unloading them for you. LOVE them. They did the above trips for me last month.

I've also always been very pleased with Sharrway They've hauled for me repeatedly, including mare with young foal.
Within 30 minutes of listing on UShip we had calls coming in... and they didn't stop for 5 hours at 9pm. The next morning we got another half dozen calls. All in all between UShip and Traveling Horse we had over 12 quotes, 3/4 of which were under $1000.
Geez, my timing must have been really off last night (of course, making that kind of request late on a Friday and expecting tons of answers quickly is a stretch), because I've had one quote come back, it was 575.00, so not too bad at all.

I will check out HauledRight and Sharrway, thank you very much for the recommendations!
I agree completely with Jill's response so you can second that for me.

Hauled Wright and Sharrway!

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