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Dec 2, 2002
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I posted this on the regular forum and here, but for some reason, it did not "stay" here the other day - sorry!!

She is not completely out of the woods yet - still has some fluid in her lungs and possible scaring that will weaken her respiratory system; she is still on Nexcal for another few days - and has to be watched closely and kept from the others so she doesn't overdo playing (hmmm- won't tell Dr. D about these pictures of her when she first got back home
) but she is going to make it. I put her with Dovey today, the mare that just lost her filly, but Dovey wasn't in the mood for playful company, so Hope just played alone and Dovey watched from her corner of the enclosure.



Boy O Boy, she sure doesn't look sick. This is wonderful news Cathy. SHE LOOKS ESTATIC TO BE HOME.......She's back in your loving arms, there is no place better for her.

You are a super horsie mom. So glad to see her looking so wonderful
That is such great news and it looks to me like that little frolic was worth all the pain and suffering and effort. She looks so very happy and you have to feel that in your heart. Enjoy your "reward" she is doing great and I hoe she continues to.

Liz M.
Wow, she sure looks spunky in those pics!!!!!! I am very glad she at home again, now I will pray for her to do a full recovery!!!!

(((((HUGS)))))) for her and for you!!


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