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Aug 24, 2007
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I have a yearling mare that I believe has hives however, they only come out overnight. We change nothing between day and night feeding-- it is all the same. She does go out with her pals a couple of hours a day and is in the barn a few hours before night feeding. She says stalled overnight. I thought it might be her bedding so we changed it but that didn't help. She doesn't seem uncomfortable. Eating well, no temp. no runny nose. Eyes are clear and dry. We don't know why they appear in the morning and fade by afternoon.

Any thoughts--Thanks
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Some are SO sensitive to certain woods, what are you using "and" what are your stall walls made of "and" your flooring?
We thought that too, we changed it and it didn't make a difference

I am sorry for the double reply, I am new at this

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