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Aug 17, 2021
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Hi everyone! Recently have went back to Miniatures from big horses. Haha I've just purchased two, a 8 yr old Sorrel gelding and a 6 yr old Palomino mare. Not sure on height atm. Need to measure them. Both have been started in cart the mare needs a lot more training. I've decided on Harlee for the mare and Dusty for the gelding. Can you guess the movie they are named after? Lol but I am still looking for a show name (will probably never show them but want to have a back up name lol) for the mare. The gelding I chose Kick the Dust Up. Can't wait to meet some more mini horse people not a lot of people near me have them. I'll try to insert pictures. Literally just got them so they do need some more weight in my opinion (no access to grass, its burnt up. So hay and I haven't started them on a grain yet, open to suggestions that can be purchased at TSC thats all I have near me.) And need a trimming. Oh and before I forget, my name is Megan lol


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