Hey Marty!!!

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Jan 2, 2003
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I thought she was due sometime this month. Are you anxious yet?? LOL

Ginny StP
July 15th.......I swear.....I think I"m more pregant than Holly, atleast I look more pregnant than Holly.

It's quite fun crawling around on your knees in the mud with a mirror under your horse to try and catch a glimpse of udders asking "got milk, got milk?"And that gets to be real fun when you didn't tie the horse upbecause you just assumed that she would stay put, and she's wandering around like I expected her to be still while I root around under there. OH yea, this is fun. Lots and lots of fun.

Just got back from Walmart yestarday. Completely forgot the KY Jelly but remembered two boxes of toothpics to hold my eyeballs open with.


Well more like complete basket case. The men fok here tell me I am getting impossible to live with. They think I am short tempered! Emotional! I've been eating pickels and ice cream like crazy, having labor pains, practicing my lamaze three times a day.......who who who, hehehe, wee wee wee, deep breaths, long cleansing breaths.........deep knee bends, I about fell over on my big fat rear with that one. Laid on my back doing this exercise with my pillow the other day......Jerry walks in.....gets scared.....goes back out the door calling for the boys and I heard him ask "what does she think she's doing now?"

Yea, I'm past nervous, I'm getting real scarry about now.
OH MARTY!!!!!!
hey ginny

i told marty holly absolutely cannot foal until i get my two mares that are WAY overdue to foal. Both of them have sticky milk and relaxed hind ends but no foalssssssssssssssssss. Hey marty there isnt anyone grouchier then i am right now. IM PATHETIC.


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