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Aug 22, 2003
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Your wonderful little prancers. I would love to see what Baby Chrissy looks and that wonderful Angel. How 'bout it??
Hey Barb, Thanks for asking. That Baby Chrissy has a little face to die for. I guess I'll be still calling her Baby when she hits 20!!!!!

I don't have any new ones of them. All my concentration has been on Holly and Sonny. I'm watching Sonny closely because he is prone to heat stoke.

But tell you what?

The rest of the Prancers are due for baths and more baths, so I"ll be taking some pictures of them soon.

If I don't get some new pictures of them, Jenn my webmaster is going to hurt me!

So ok will do. and I"ll post them when I do!

I must say that Silver Belle has never looked so good in her life so I'm wanting to show her off a wee bit.
Palomino88 said:
Yep I agree, need to see some more pictures of everyone.
But uh Marty... I really wanna see the fetus so tell Holly to hurry! 


i agree too!

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