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What is your favorite horse breed?

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Feb 3, 2019
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Jackson heights, New York, USA
Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well during this pandemic situation.

So lets have some fun. Everyone comment your favorite horse breed in the comment section. Lets see which one has the most popularity.

Mine is " Black Forest "

I don't have a favorite breed. I have thoroughbred, arab, rocky mountain, fresian cross, swedish warmblood/holsteiner, minies, donkeys, old ranch horse grade here. Not all mine, I have boarders too, but I think their all wonderful.
I don't have a favorite breed either...I go by their individual temperaments.
We have (other than minis and Shetlands AND a mini donkey), for "full size": a B-Welsh, an Arab, 2 Qtr horses, a Fresian Qtr cross, and a Morgan/Arab cross....We are also boarding 3 Qtr horses, but they aren't "ours"..... Out of ALL of them my favorite is the Morgan/Arab cross. She is MY GIRL (Julie)....I rescued her from a hoarder. She TOLD me her name! And right now my daughter is leasing her from me while she is the Fair & Rodeo Queen for Wheeler County in Oregon.....Julie has a mind and loves to GO, so she's loving her job. Now we are all praying that the Fair & Rodeo isn't cancelled.... It's scheduled for August.
Hmmm...I love the stock breeds like Quarter Horses and Paints. I have some experience with Thoroughbreds too and love their spirit. It would be hard to choose! If it came down to the wire I’d probably take a stocky, old fashioned Quarter Horse. Of course I have a soft spot for anything pony...one of my buddies at the boarding barn is a Welsh/Haflinger cross. If it’s a sassy little pony I’m probably going to love it! Minis usually take the top spot in my heart though ;)
Welcome to the forum Sandra.

Whilst I don't have a fav breed, I am a sucker for re homing thoroughbreds after they have finished racing !

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