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  1. Sandra Ericson

    Hello Everyone its Sandra Here

    Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing well during this pandemic situation. So lets have some fun. Everyone comment your favorite horse breed in the comment section. Lets see which one has the most popularity. Mine is " Black Forest " Cheers!
  2. Erickson Miniature Horses


    I was just wondering if polls were allowed in the forum? I assume they are, its just that I've never seen one before, so I just wanted to check. Obviously they would have to be equine related.
  3. Just_Rena

    Would you buy

    I won't buy on application,just saying.
  4. SugaryCharm

    Which injection sites do you use for your minis?

    It's vaccination time...where do you prefer to give shots to minis? I've always given BH shots in the neck, but I have heard a lot of mixed opinions on whether that is the "preferred" spot to use on minis, so I wanted to ask you all about your preferences. I drew on some photos of my BH in...