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Feb 3, 2004
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I will be taking Tango to the Oregon State Fair at the end of August. We will be doing one halter class and one halter obstacle class. I have never done a obstacle class before, so I need any advice I can get.

What are the rules?

What kinds of obstacles are there?

Is there a time limit?

How do I train him to sidepass down a ground pole?

Any and all advice and info welcome!

Thanks, Erin
Obstacle is so much fun! It was my first ever class

Not sure of the rules lol

We have, bridges, back up place thingies, mail boxes, pools, step over thignies, and other stuff I cant remember.

I am not sure (Dont think so though)

Fortunatly, Willie was VERY easy to teach to sidepass. He catches on things very quick (which I am very blessed with!) First, I would just put pressure, on his side (anywahere torwards the back will work). Once he would move off the pressure, I would praise him! And so I would work on that until he he went off the pressure like that. then, I kept applying pressure there and would say "side" until until he took a whole step.. And then so on and so forth. Eventually, I replaced the putting pressure, to snapping my fingers and saying side. Now, I can just start snapping and he will side. Oh, and about the ground pole, I added that after I taught him to sidestep. So he wouldn't start thinking to side step over every pole (ecspecially in when you back up! Threre are two poles around the area you back up in) and I can sidestep him anywhere. And he also will move off the pressure applied, So if I need to move him over (say he istepping on my toe!)

Good luck! And obstacle is a very fun class!

Edited to Add: I have always been told if your horse is refusing an obstacle, to look at the judge for permission. Once they nod you on, then you can skip it. The judges always seem to appreciate it!
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The horse must be 1 yr old or older!

Classes will be judged 100% on the manner of horse's performance through the course.

There is a sixty second time limit to complete each obstacle. After time is used, the exhibitor will be directed to the next obstacle. Refusals of three obstacles shall be cause for disqualification.

Off course will result in elimination from the class and no points, ribbons or awards will be presented. Which means taking an obstacle in the wrong direction. Negotiating an obstacle from the wrong side. Skipping an obstacle unless directed by Judge. Negotiating obstacles in the wrong sequence. No physically moving, or coercing the horse by touching. Miniature leaving the obstacle course.
What are the rules?

What kinds of obstacles are there?

Is there a time limit?

How do I train him to sidepass down a ground pole?

Any and all advice and info welcome!

helo there

ok there are side pass ,back up, around a holahoop, walk over a tarp(water),troting pols,somtimes there are jumps!

there are ruls you can't toch your horse ever !, u have a limit on complting a obstacle, and thats it really! it is really hard to train to do a sidepass! but there is a way! he he ok you have to take really slowly put one hand on the back end of the horse then slowly push the horse over! also use a comand like over or side! aslo smooch or cluck! take it really slowly and you alway want to end on a good note! don't end by getting mad and hitting him or her! end on a good note and give him?her a treat!!!!! good luck !

If your horse has never done obstacle class before, I would not enter in it this August. It takes much longer than 1 month to teach the things he needs to know to do this class. You need to start him on things now and maybe he would be ready next year. Seriously, if you try and teach him more than 1 thing at a time he will become very confused! And if you do decide to show him, please, please be very patient with him when he isn't able to complete the course. Remember, it isn't his fault, he hasn't been given the time to learn.

If you do try and teach him to sidepass, besides the advice above, it helps if you can place the pole with 1 end a little down hill. I start all mine that way and since I have began using the downhill method, they seem to learn much quicker.

Also, 1 more thing, if you are talking about AMHR shows, there are NO jumps allowed in Miniature Obstacle classes. Don't know about AMHA.


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