Friend's mare had a filly

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Aug 5, 2004
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Orange, TX
I am posting this for my friend as she can't post pictures.

Mare is a pintaloosa. Can't see ther pinto markings unless she is wet.

Sire is a cremello with 2 blue eyes

Here is her little filly. Can anyone tell me if she is a buckskin or a grullo?

Thanks Carlene
This is a guess for me i'm still learning

but my guess would be from the barring on his front legs and strips across his withers

in the 2nd picture I'll guess Grullo

believe me I'm just learning foal color I'm always on here asking myself

Very pretty

congratulations to your friend
In my experiance when you get such vibrant colors and markings they go grey...looks primitive dun right now.
That is the cutest grullo filly. She's a a Grullo no mistake. she looks like a Silver Grullo meaning she is a grullo horse with the creme gene.
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