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Dec 24, 2002
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Since a lot of folks don't read the donkey forum I thought maybe it would be OK to post this here.

Since Bonnie talked to Kilroy, I have been able to walk into his stall without a halter and ask him to back. He graciously takes a few steps back. He is happy to do it for treats or scratches. He isn't picky! He loves them both!!!!!!! Before her talk, with a halter on, it was a bit of a battle to get even 1 backward step.

I'd highly recommend a conversation with Bonnie if you're having a problem with an animal. She is a great lady!
[SIZE=14pt]Im a believer too!!! Bonnie fixed my poor Fancy and that is Invaluable![/SIZE]

wow, thats great to hear!

my one mini is hyper at times, & i wanted her to tell him that i didn't like that...

She said she couldn't help me, wouldn't try & now wort talk to me

I am a firm beleiver in people who can talk to animals!... i really wish she would try...

what is her website anyway...?

That is Wonderful.

Had Bonnie Tallk with Dyfra,, I just hope Dyfra will listen to Bonnie that the Deer are not going to hurt or eat her.
Nice to hear this as I was considering having her talk to an abused mare we rescued. She is terrified to let me pick her feet up. Needless to say I haven't gotten to the back ones as this mare was out to kick your head off when we got her. She hasn't tried kicking us for a long time - but for the way she is with me picking up the front - I haven't attempted the back yet - as I seen how she could use them. Think I'll be contacting Bonnie in the near future - thanks

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