Foaling Season is Over for me.

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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
Yes, still sorting through all my pics.
Foaling season is officially over for me. We had all of our foals born in a one month! The first 2 arrived April 14, and the last arrived one month later, to the day...May 14! Here they are in the order they arrived...

This is "Ella". (red dun) She and her dam are going overseas late summer. She was born April 14.


Second to arrive was "Jake". (red dun pinto) He was also born on April 14.


Third was "Missy" (sorrel sabino), and she arrived on April 15.


Fourth was "Fortune". (grulla). She was born April 20.


Fifth to arrive was "Jimbo". (dun/buckskin pinto) He and his dam will also be headed overseas. He was born April 23.


Sixth was "Ziggy". (red dun sabino) He was born on April 28.


Our 7th born was really "Lucky #7"! This red dun filly, was out of Angel, the mare I had posted about awhile back, wondering if I had the dates wrong because she had no bag. I had her due date as April 20. She foaled totally unexpected out in the pasture on May 1!! I had been checking her bag twice daily, and had just checked it the night before. Still VERY unformed. There were slight changes going on, but I figured at least another couple weeks if not longer. I thought maybe she was bred through the fence at a later date because her bag had not been developing. I woke up in the morning and when I looked out the kitchen window, saw a new little one out there!! "Mayzie" was foaled May 1.


And for the grand finale, our 8th foal born is a grulla pinto, and was born May 14. This mare also was not bagged up! She was much more progressed than Angel, but I figured at least a few more days yet. I had suspected something was going on though as she had been very uneasy in her stall for the couple days before she foaled. I thought maybe it was the foal positioning iteself for the delivery, and I guess it was! I will post pics of her bag in another post when I am done here.

Lucky #7 and Fortune are my Faverites
but they are all lovely

I'll tell Narko (and stetson ...and flyte) that their big brother is a a proud daddy of 8 lovely little babies
default_wub.png which one gets to come live with me??
Great looking group of foals Mona. Fortune is my favorite too.
Congrats on a healthy bunch of babies
your going to have fun with all those little guys!!!!
Congratulations on a beautiful group of foals!
congratulations on a beautiful foal crop!

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