First foal for Hawk Hollow Farm and its a ....

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Dec 1, 2002
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We had first foal of the year and it's a FILLY ! I kinda hoped for colt, it's been awhile since we had one, Now my stallion SPF Steel the Show has had 7 out 8 fillies. She is solid bay , and mom needed some help, she was pushing, and I didnt see anything, so I went in to check and I thought I felt a head, no legs, so pulled alittle forward to see what was going on and I saw red, I was ok, RedBag, I ripped and found the sack and pulled the foal out and after cleaning her up and I went to move to moms head, I realized that the placenta was still in the mare and it took hour for her to pass it, talked to vet and he said sounds like I had partially separation. My husband always seem to get the red bags birth, my first, boy you get a bad feeling in your stomach when you see red coming, but everything turned out fine and filly took awhile to stand and need help to find the milk bar, but doing great. Here are some pictures of her ,she is few hours old, still unfolding, will take better soon. I was thinking of naming her Hawk Hollows Ima Show Bay B, We like to use the show part of the stallion name on his foals.

Now one more to go at end of the month, time to get alittle rest while I can ...JANE


she looks like a lovely girl glad all went well...l also get that bad feeling in my stomach if l see red coming..
Congratulations on the safe delivery of your new filly.
Congratulations on your first foal of the season, Jane!!!! Glad everything turned out ok! Can you send the filly fairy our way? We had ANOTHER colt on Sunday....
Hi Kristina.

I would love to send over filly fairy, all we have had in awhile is fillies from Mac (7 out of 8), his only colt is Tommy and I want another one of those, we still have Brit (Tommy & Sassy's mom) so I send you over the filly fairy I have and you send over the berrie fairy you have , I would like a colt , I have to many mares to show....JANE

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