Finaly get to share some babies

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Oct 20, 2005
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I've been complaining about the old digital we had (took floppies to give you an idea of age) so my husband got me a tiny digital I can slip in my back pocket when I go visit the mares and foals. Battery was charged at 7:00 and I was across the road by 7:10 to try it out.

Babies are so hard to take photos of as they are either hiding under the mare or in your face but I brought decoys with me this time.
I have nine mares left and I do have some fillies but none ever seem to want to have their picture taken.


Hyland Proud Commander X Acces Code Blue SOS

suppose to be a blue roan pinto filly but his mama didn't listen.


Marystown Cowboy Cool X Stylish Pizzaz SOS

Actually my brothers mare but I think possession is 9/10th of the law.


Oak Park Rumor Has It X Platinum Aspirations SOS

Here is one I need decoys for as he will crawl in your lap for attention.

Was having so much fun with my new "toy" that we grabed the studs out of the stalls and took photos of them as well.



Pugsly, otherwise known as Oak Parks Rumor Has It, all 28" of him

We have had such icky weather I haven't had the drive to start conditioning the horses so both studs are a'naturel.

This is what you get when you don't read the instructions before you use the camera. I couldn't get the thing to focus.


Flippen Terrific a Simmon Sonny son X a Texan's Playboy daugher.

He should show in the under 30" two year old stallion division this year.

My ten year old daughter set up both studs for me and the stinker got good on me when I wasn't looking. Guess mom will have to up her game or get run over.

Thanks for letting me share.
Nice pix!! it is so cool to get a new camera and go crazy taking photos..
Now get shooting more photos! Great job with the new camera. Gorgeous babies too

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