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I am very sorry for your loss. You did everything you could. I am sorry that it had to end that way, but I think you made the right decision.
Sorry to read this, but sending lots of {{{{{HUGS}}}}} as you fought the good fight, and did the hard, but just thing for this precious one.

KUDOS for loving her so much!
Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone.

My Dapper Dan is still searching for her, but has stopped whinnying to call her. I've been trying to spend some extra time with him. Don't know yet what I'll do about a companion for him. I keep myself at just two horses, as that is the most I am comfortable with.
Oh My! I had not come back to this thread for a bit since I had nothing useful to contribute and and very saddened to hear of you final outcome and hard decision. I am so sorry for your loss and Dapper Dan's as well. Sometimes all that is left for us to help them is to let them go.
I just checked on this tread tonight......Marsha, I am so very sorry to read your sad news. You were taking such good care of her and seeking all the info and advice you could get for her eye problem. My heart just breaks for you, it is a difficult thing to go through and I feel for you. I will keep you in my prayers.
I, too, missed this thread since I haven't been on regularly! I'm sorry for your loss, Marsha.

Yes, eye issues are sometimes hard to deal with.

Soon, I will probably also be making a similar decision for one of our driving mares. She is one of the full sisters I started with in 2010. Last year, she started developing serious Fibroids in her left eye (she was actually sold to me as already blind in her left eye - but we discovered that she wasn't). This year, they've "taken off" and now not only is her sight gone from the left eye, but the whole eyeball is "shrunken". I looked into removing the eye - as you did - and the cost would be reasonable with a younger horse that didn't also have issues with the right eye starting. I decided to let her be a horse instead, treating as needed when needed. Sometimes that means 2x daily washing/cleaning her face and eye and replacing of fly masks. Her right eye has now started developing fibroids as well - don't know if she will do well when completely blind. We may try - it will depend on her! We can bell both her full sister Bell and/or her current driving partner - so that she can move with them by hearing... She is still driving ok as a pair - but is reaching across to "touch" her partner more often then she used to. I haven't tried to drive her single since she went blind in her left eye. She does now get upset when she is "completely alone" - even when doing her hooves/grooming. She did much for my learning curve 4 yrs ago so, I am giving her leeway for her "condition" and behavior now. Otherwise, she's still a gem for us. She galloped up the pasture whinnying and bucking yesterday after feeding - made me happy to see.

HUGS your way and hope that you and Dapper Dan both get through your grief soon...
Marsha, I'm so sorry to read about Bridgette. You can know that she had a great last year with you.....got to learn to drive and you took good care of all her issues. If you're still looking for a companion for Dapper Dan, you're welcome to come up and pick out one of my geldings. Got too many and I know he would have a great home with you.

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