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Dec 1, 2002
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Carl Mitz called today to let me know that the Institute for Justice is encouraging people to attend the meeting this Friday, September 10, 2010. Many who attended the public hearing were unable to address the group because of the timing and the length of the hearing. There will be a short time to speak at this meeting which should include the entire board as opposed to the four of the twelve who attended the last meeting. Also we are encouraged to attend because the discussion of the board seems to be influenced by our having people in attendance who can testify to their "listening or not listening to what the public wants." I plan to attend and hope that some others can be there too. We receive "good news" then hear from other sources that what we are told to our faces is not what is being reported from other sources. Politics! What a surprise?

From the Institute for Justice:

Dear Brady, Carl, John, Gary, Randy, Sammy, and Tony:


Please see the attached agenda for the upcoming meeting of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.


You will notice the Board has set aside time at the beginning of the meeting for citizens comments.


You may have clients and friends who (a) were not able to attend the public hearing on August 20, (b) did not get a chance to speak at that public hearing or © just want to say more to the COMPLETE BOARD.


Please notify them that they may attend the upcoming meeting of the Vet Board on September 10 at 9:00 am in Room 2-225 at 333 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX 78701


Here are issues they might wish to address in their comments. These are just suggestions. Your clients and friends should address whatever issues they feel most strongly about and have the most personal experience with.


Do you support or oppose the proposed rule making it illegal for floaters to use power tools without direct supervision from a veterinarian and why?

How do you believe this rule would affect you as a horse owner/breeder/trainer if it were adopted?

Do you have any personal experiences regarding any of the assertions the TBVME makes in its Notice of Proposed Rule? For example, the TBVME asserts that:

the rule will have a positive local employment impact;

veterinarians will supervise floaters for a possible charge of 15-20% … if one is charged at all. In other words, veterinarians will charge no more than $20 to supervise floats that costs up to $100; or

The public health benefit from the proposed rule is the reduction of the potential occurrences of complications or injury/harm from non-licensed individuals practicing dentistry, including motorized or powered teeth floating

Do you have any specific experiences either trying to hire a veterinarian to float your horses teeth or with a veterinarian actually floating your horses teeth? If so, please describe those experiences as specifically as possible?

Do you know whether your veterinarian would be willing to supervise a non-licensed teeth floater who was working on your horses, and if so, how much your veterinarian would charge?

Do you agree with the claims made by some veterinarians at the meeting on August 20th that only veterinarians should float horses teeth because a complete diagnosis is necessary or it is the best way to avoid the spreading of diseases?
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Sure wish I lived closer. Hope a good crowd turns out.

Good luck to Carl!!!!

Gee, during Nationals what a great time for this-NOT!

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