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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
I know this has been discussed in the past, but this year it is more relevant to me!

I have a mare here who has foaled in the past at 313, 310 and 297
days gestation. She keeps getting shorter with every foal. She started bagging up a few weeks ago at only 250 something days! Yikes! She was at another farm and was brought to me on Friday to foal out. She is on double dose Regumate, SMZ's and Banamine right now to try to slow her down, but I don't know how long I'm going to be able to hold her off. She is at 279 days today. Day before yesterday she didn't have a bag. Yesterday she had one. I haven't checked her today yet.

Please tell me some early foal success stories!
Becky, the earliest I've had survive was 290 days. Good luck!

The earliest here was 291 and a very healthy foal. Just needed some help waking up to nurse and some keeping warm for 4 days.

I know of a 278 one that is alive and well today. He needed front legs splinted for 48 hours two times to allow the tendons to strengthen. He required tubing with his mom's colostrum and had to be held up to nurse for the first couple of days till his tendons strengthened.

I sure hope you can hold her off a while!


I had one foal at 280 days. She lived but not without a lot of intervention. Momma was maiden too and did not want her on top of that.

I hope your little mare holds on..................this is too early. I have used regumate to hold a foal before and had success with it. I have not heard of double dose tho.

Just went back through our records and our earliest was Heza Silver Star at 301 days! He was also the smallest foal ever born here, at 14" tall and 12lbs. But, he got up within an hour and was nursing on his own! And he's still as spunky today at 7 years old as he was when he was born!
296 days here. Had one at 280 that only lived moments. Good luck holding her off! Double Regumate is a good idea!

My earliest has been 305 days, from a mare who routinely foals about 305-315. Our big mare lost her mucuus plug 30 days early last year, so I took her to the vet and let her foal out there. They did exactly what you are doing - double dosed Regumate, and I think they switched her to Tucoprim from SMZ if memory serves. She held it and delivered right on time, no problems. (other than a major vet bill).

Hope she holds for you.

Here is some good news for you Becky. This colt was born at 291 days. I was not expecting him yet and wasn't even watching close. Looked out one morning and there he was. Absolutely no problems. His dam was hand bred through only one cycle so I have no doubt on the dates.

Songcatchers Black Diamond Strings - Newborn:


Approximately 4 months:

Hi Becky.

4 years ago I had one at 301 days. She was very scrawny but she made it.

This year Lucy was a 295 day foal. She was very ill as you know but she looks great now, with a LOT of intervention though.

I think your medical treatment is a good plan. I think I would do a lot of stall rest too, just like a OB-GYN would reccomend a woman in premature labor, but that is just MHO.
Becky, I don't have exact gestation dates any more.....but our very first foal back in 1990 was 6 weeks early. He was obviously a premie and was a very fast and early lesson for us in a lot of ways. He didn't have the sucking reflex and didn't receive the necessary colostrum.........He was given the Plasma Transfer. He and his mom lived in our garage for a couple of months. He survived and went on to be a stallion for a local breeder.

Happy ending for us.
We had a healthy, bouncy, fully cooked filly arrive at 296 days - and she likely could have come a bit earlier without any trouble....
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My two earliest were 291 and 292 days. One was just fine, only had a finer haircoat than normal, but the other was wobbly-legged and needed a LOT of medical care and TLC, but he also ended up doing well.
We have foals born 304-310, not premature either.

A few of our mares some times foal earlier than that.

The earliest was 292. Hale, hearty and just fine! She is now my mare Goldie. She foals early too. Runs in the family.

I knew of a colt born at 280 he's alive and mature today, but he needed a LOT of care by his breeder to make it.

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