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May 5, 2007
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We are testing next wk and I have to come up with a movie to show the students. I teach computers and I teach a career class. Any good DVD ideas. It has to be PG rated, or MAYBE PG 13. Any good ideas?????
You can't go wrong with "The Princess Bride." It is rated PG. Great for children of ALL ages
Fencing, fighting, comedy, tragedy, giants, true love... it's my favorite movie of all-time and I am just stunned when I find out someone has never seen it!

Some others are:

Enchanted :rated General

The Seeker :rated General

Alvin And The Chipmunks :rated General

Iron Eagle :rated PG 13

Dreamer :rated General

Narnia :rated general

Virginia's Run :rated general

The Wizard Of Oz :rated General

I am not sure about Old Yeller and Flight Of The Navigator. I have over 1200 movies myself.
It is a career class. So I am going tp look up some of these title. "Catch me if you can" looks good.

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