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Aug 30, 2004
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I finally found a farrier for my minis,I do hope she sticks around - seems like every time I find one ,they vanish and I can not get them to come back. My minis are easy to do and are no problem lifting their hooves - I clean them every other day. Well I went to a shop and there was a card for a girl that is a trainer/farrier so figured I would give her a call.She came down and did 3 out of 4 and said that she would come back later in the day to do my 2 month old filly so off she went - knew she would be back because she did not get paid yet.

Later she came and was great with my baby - then she spent 1 hour training my 2 year old gelding to ground drive.She is great and even had me driving her - now I have spent time doing what she showed me and was even getting easier to put the head geer on - which I have never done before.

She called 5 days later to see how I was doing and if I needed more training --- needless to say I jumped at it - even though it cost me $25.00 and hour canadian funds it is worth it and she is comming again sunday. I will be getting her I think once a week until it is time to hook a cart up to him. I hope she does not vanish like the rest of the farriers. Wow it sure is fun when I say gee and my mini goes right and ha he goes left - he also walks on and backs up - which when I tried to get him to do it with just a halter and lead rope he would not .

Funny thing is when I said to her zazoo has troubles with back she laughed and when I asked her what was funny she said he just backed up and when she said it he did it again - WOW , horses can amaze you at times.
Good for you, it's nice when you finally get a good one. Keep us posted on how the driving is going.
A good farrier is worth their weight in GOLD! And one who can train is even better.

Our farrier does such a great job with minis, even though he is a "big horse" man. I have learned much from him, and it sounds like you will, also. Best of luck with driving training!
well my 2 month old was the smallest she has ever done (first)and the farrier is great - she did not even get kicked from the mare like the vet did (he is ok but said the mare stepping on him hurt more, I have not had the mare to long before she foaled and have not done much work with her in reguards to the hooves (she is a cow kicker) I mentioned that to the farrier and she took her time and was so good with the mare that she did not get kicked but was repremanded once . I have never had any past farriers work on her before because I did not own her then - hubby thought and asked what I was doing - and if it was me for the past farriers not comming back - one farrier even said that he broke his back and that he was booked up for the next 2 weeks doing others (not sure how he could do others with a broken back never mind driving his truck) cought him when I drove by him on the highway. SO IT IS HIS LOSS.This new one said my minis are great and that I did a lot of work with them so far, made me feel good.

And around here farriers are like electricians - very far and few, also you can get ahold of them but they never show up or call. I hope this one will keep in touch , cause I plan on having her come and do my guys once every month just to keep up with the hooves before winter comes - and since my mare which I did not know I when bought her had thrush in all 4 hooves I want to make sure it all clears up. I have been lifting her hooves every day and putting stuff in them ,now there is no more smell and I do pick their hooves out 2 times if not 3 times a week. I went out this morning and did some ground driving just using a leed rope and halter and he did great - still remembers the gee and ha and walk on commands after not doing it for almost 2 days. YAHOO for ZAZOO

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