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Nov 30, 2002
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I have a buyer who's new to minis, they want two for a team, the one will be 2 or 3 inches shorter than the other. About 32" and 35" tall. I'm new to driving and only drive one, so can't answer there question, they want a team. Can you tell me if there'll be a problem or is it ok to have one mini taller than the other? Thanks.
A lot more really depends on the leg length than the actual height of the horse- how well matched are they for leg length?? It would go against them in the ring if they are not matched, and it will not work if their legs are not evenly matched, for everyday working. I would not myself have a pair this uneven and I suggest, very respectfully, that, had they done their homework they would not be asking these most basic of questions- I would therefore be a little worried about the prospective home, I'm afraid.
I agree with Rabbitsfizz. Their length of leg and stride must match or driving the potential team would be very, very awkward. We have a team of large ponies for our own pleasure driving. Their color doesn't match but their legs are very closely matched for length and stride and they drive beautifully together.

Carol Cobane

Mini Brook Farm
Marnie, if it was me buying these 2 for a team ..I wouldnt. The closer they are in height the better your team not only will look, but also work. Especially when it comes to there length of legs and stride. I think anyone who has driven a team will tell you the same thing. I know with the Percherons, that is one of the things Bob and Neil are so very careful about ...the matched height, and it was the same with our Arabians. Like Jane said--they need to do there homework, or they wouldnt even be considering such a differance in size. Knowledge is a key factor when it comes to teams and potential problems. It sure seems like alot of newbies to minis think all you have to do is hitch a team and away you go... the smaller they are the easier they are...not the case, you can have the same problems as the big guys do. Corinne

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