down payment for unborn foal next year

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Dec 17, 2004
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i'm thinking about putting a down payment on a 2006 in-utero foal for next year. has anyone done this? can i see a copy of your contract? thanks!!
[SIZE=14pt]I dont know if I would personally do that . What if there isnt a foal in 2006? what if God forbid it is still born or a dwarf? How would you recoup your initial investment? I have had someone offer to buy one of my foals in utero and I said no. I am taking names of people interested in foals from my mares and will contact the people when the live foals are here. I think that is best but thats just my opinion.[/SIZE]

This isnt all that uncommon in large horses where the horse and its other offspring are doing very well in there discipline. I am not sure I personally would do this with a mini but I think Debi M does sell horses that way and she might have a contract for you to look at.

I could be wrong on who it is but i am as positive as this old mind can be
LOL, Lisa, ys you were correct. We sold four that way this year with a fifth being negotiated before with money coming in the next morning. All of these people have visited my website for a few years and know what the mare and stud produce. My contract leans to the buyers benefit because I think it shows a lot of faith in our farm so should be rewarded.

One of the mares did abort her foal. The Buyer had the option of a refund, reserve her next foal or transfer the monies to another mare. She decided on the last and is anxiously waiting now for Shy Ann to foal!

I do have a contract if you would like to compare it to the one you have seen.

We turned down a blank check on a foal to be this spring. Jus t couldn't sell that way. I knew the buyer and told them when the foal hits the ground they had first refusal. Sadly it was our first foal and from a maiden mare just to make it a learning process for all, the little philly didn't make it. So glad we told them to wait and hopefully not have their dreams crushed.

We used to sell cattle that way and usually it worked out well for all.

I definately would not do it unless one of the options was for a total refund of my deposit........... We have a gramma broodmare that has had 10 foals. All of them have been equally nice as well as correct & flashy but there is always the first time for the opposite............................. I think the reputation of the person/farm that you are dealing with has a lot to do with it also. Contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on with some sellers.
I agree, unless a full and complete refund of all money paid was an option I would not even consider it. I would also want a "get out" clause- supposing the foal was nice, but you just did not like it?? In that case, of course you would lose your deposit, that's only fair, but you should be able to walk away still friends. BTW a "Foetus" was auctioned at a Sport Horse sale recently- it was inside a Surrogate, and it made $22,000.00 !! The Surrogate was to foal (at new owners risk of losing the foal, but the mare was fully insured) raise the foal and then return to sender!!

It's not something I would normally do, either to buy or sell,
The best Appaloosa mare I ever owned, I bought that way. I saved over $2500. by doing it too, as the owner of the sire and dam gave me a "steal-of-a-deal" because I wanted this cross so badly I was willing to take the "chance".

IMHO, as long as the seller and buyer are honest, and the contract well written; there is absolutely no reason not to go with this.
On a "steal-of-a-deal" I might do it but otherwise, I just don't see the point. Theres so many nice foals to choose from, I just can't see taking such a chance. Unless it's the only way that someone can have the excitement of THERE baby being born. I wouldn't sell that way either. Theres such a difference in the foals, I don't see how a person can price a foal fairly before it's born, I want to be fair to my buyers. I'd feel terrible if they paid a good price and got a lesser of a horse. What if they didn't like the baby but felt obligated to take it? Then they'd be reselling it right away, no, I couldn't do it, buy or sell in this manner.
We did and we have a wonderful colt that we love. My biggest complaint is that the foal stayed with them for the four months before he was weaned and they didn't handle him. Luckily he has come around quickly and isn't mean - just skiddish.

We also have purchased one for next year from a very well known farm. We chose the mare and the stallion and we approached them. It's a chance, but we're willing to take it and I trust the owners of the farm - they're wonderful people who will do what's right.

Good luck!
I wouldnt do it either. I had only had one foal that I was going to sell this spring, and I had 5 buyers for the one colt, all had been out to see him, but in the end I just "picked" out who I thought would be the best home, now I have 2 that are waiting for a foal ....just like 2006. I will not take any down payment or anything, until I am 100% certain, that the 2006 foal and "new" owner will be a good match! I dont like the thought of my horses being resold because it "wasnt the horse they hoped for" , so I am very particular with buyers, to the point of losing sales, but at least I still have happy-loved horses, and clients who keep in touch. Corinne

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