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Connie P

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Dec 1, 2002
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Armada, Michigan
Anyone that would like to donate to help Dreamer please go to

There is a link at the top of this page for any and all donations to help this precious mare and her family!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Do we have to be registered for the link to work? I couldnt get it to work for me I got to weefoal but when I clicked on the donate button and got the Paypal screen it said click again to retry can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?
[SIZE=12pt]I had problems too.[/SIZE]

Sorry you had problems too but glad Im not the only one computer challenged.
Ok this is how to workit

Put in the amount of your donation and click update donation

Then a new screen will come up and you put in all your information.

If you have any other problems please feel free to contact me.

Thanks so much!!
I was able to get into it about 10 minutes ago and it worked.

I just want to make it clear that I will not be setting up a seperate account to keep things less confusing. If everyone could just use Tom at WeFoals link that would be wonderful! Thanks again!!
With paypal, you don't have to be registered. I know you can use it just the one time to do a doantion. I have had our paypal account for a few years, and it is very safe. Never have had a problem with them (now with my own computer i have with my new virus software, I wasn't able to use paypal until i figured a way around the security thingie.) I went threw and it worked for me on my end here..
If you send PayPal to [email protected]

It will be faster because I could go over and give Theresa the money in CASH right away!

Either way is fine
I did it on weefoal, it worked great...

I am glad you guys got this going to help..

Thanks for doing that..
I got it Angie! Oh WOW!
I'm dying to run over and give it to Theresa! Thank you!!!
Thank you Connie and Robin for doing this.

Robin, I just sent a little bit via Paypal. Sorry it wasn't more, but hopefully if everyone just sends what they can it will work out for them.
Oh thank you Parmela!
That was awesome!!

Thank you from my heart! I know Theresa will too!
bump hoping everyone who is praying for Dreamer will help with what are bound to be huge bills whatever the outcome.

I hope more of you are able to donate than are posting that you did. That portable x-ray unit going out to thier farm tomorrow isn't going to be cheap. Even if you only have $5 bucks to spare, it will add up!

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