Does anyone know how to paint a breyer?

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Feb 6, 2005
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I was thinking that a great youth activity would be to have kids paint breyer horses. Does anyone know what type of paint, how long to dry, and how to prep the model horses? I have seen custom breyers painted like a particular horse, but I'm not sure how to do it myself.
I have done a few..used acrylic hobby paints......if the breyer is glossy you do have to sand off the gloss...otherwise just a quick sanding usually gives you a good base to paint on. You can also use a darker color for shading......dab with rags /sponge for appy markings.....I hope this helps a little..have fun!!!

Another good tip is to sand and scrape off the obvious seams so that they are not on your finished model. Doesn';t take TOO long to do, but makes the finished product so much nicer.

Also prep the model with a good primer (Krylon in a shade close to what the final coat color w/b if possible) to help the new coat last.

Use acrylics for best results w/kids as the pigments are all safe, etc. (check the labels) and USE RESPIRATORS for sanding, for spraying primer and sealant.

Krylon matte satin sealant/clearcoat is best for spraying over top of your finished paint jobs, and then take clear gloss nail polish and go over the eyes to give them that real life, liquid look. Also hooves if you want them shiny.

I have a few links for you to look at if I can find them....

Liz M>
I prime the model with Gesso (you can get it in the art supply stores) and use acrylic paints in a "dry brush technique". Once complete, then the model is finished with a matte acrylic varnish.

Rio Rondo/Carol Williams published a wonderful book on painting models - how to get realistic eyes, the shading to be used to create "depth" within the muscles, proper hoof color, etc... how to get realistic buckskin, chestnuts, greys etc colors...have a few models on the shelves that have earned their championships and one reserve grand champion of the show that I was very proud of.

Tack making is fun too... nylon halters are easy to make and you can even do those in stable colors! You need Offray nylon ribbon, jump rings (get those in any jewelry making department), Aleene's Tacky Glue and some mini clothespins to hold the ends while they dry. For buckles, I like the Rio Rondo buckles - I think the website is They have saddle kits and fittings for Breyers that rival any big horse's tack room!

Fun activity for kids of all ages when it is cold out and you cannot play with the minis!


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Like this?





I am just learning and have been using the Breyer Stablemates (about $3) ant Peter Stone Chips (about $6). All of these are portrait models I have made for friends--gives me a good excuse to practice.

You don't have to sand off the original factory paint, but sanding off the seams and taking off/filling in the logo helps the final product a lot. Give them a few light coats of Krylon white sandable primer and let them dry overnight. I use both pastels (soft chalk pastels shaved down into powder and dusted on in layers) and acrylics. With pastels you have to do layers and when the dust stops adhering you spray with Krylon Crystal Clear and let it dry about 30 minutes and then spray with Testors Dull Coat or Krylon Workable Fixative and let that sit for a few hours to over night before adding the next layers of dust. Then you can do the details of the eyes, hooves and white markings after the base is done. This would work well if this is going to be an ongoing project that you pull out on rainy days.

You can also just use acrylics or oil paints. Oils take forever and a day to dry--but wow what a look when finished! I haven't gotten the guts to try oils yet. Be sure to let us know what you decide and show us pics.

Have fun! Oh--and this is addictive so be careful!


P.S. Denise, that book is on my Christmas wish list!!! There is a brand new one out with a lot from Chris Nandell who also has shetlands--how cool is that?
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I've done customizing for 25+ years

I use acrylics and also dabbed a bit in etching. Here are some examples-



some etched models-



This is one copies of my own two resins that I made and painted-


Check out my site at

C Spots Model Horses

minimule said:
Tammie those are awesome!

Thanks minimule! I really enjoy doing it- just wish I had more time these days to devote to it

WOW!! Thank you everyone for all that GREAT information!! Tammy, you're horses look so real!

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