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Aug 31, 2003
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Looks like Dennis is moving through Alabama and is coming north with a bang. All you folks be careful and check in. Praying for all.
I just was watching this on CNN and thinking the same thing..sure hope everyone is safe, including all the horses. Hoping to hear from all our forum members when they can get on. PLEASE stay safe!! Corinne
I heard on the news that all the people that are not evacuating(SP) they were giving them markers so they could right there name and some info on there arm! it must be serious if they are doing that, or do they do that EVERY time!!

I hope everyone is fine and all the horses are fine!!


God must have been on our side we got very little damage according to Kim I am out of the shelter and we have been doing damage assement on the base. Kim got back to the farm and except for one of our storage sheds that now lays on it's side and loosing the roof of the boys pen, a few broken trees and a few goats wandering around the property everyone so far seems to have done fine! We still have power which is a good thing because we are on a well so when Ivan came we had no power for several days which equals no water either so we had to shuttle water in. I have some cleaning up to do, but that is a small price to pay when all of the minis and critters are still alive and we still have a home and a barn! Thanks to everyone who kept us in their thoughts and Prayers

You Guys are GREAT
You brave soul!

So relieved to hear from you, as I was watching CNN crew in Pennsacola and it looked pretty scary! Thank God your minis are safe....can't imagine what they thought when "Dennis" arrived!

Thanks for sharing your story!

You brave soul!

So relieved to hear from you, as I was watching CNN crew in Pennsacola and it looked pretty scary! Thank God your minis are safe....can't imagine what they thought when "Dennis" arrived!

Thanks for sharing your story!

I am sure they were not impressed we only have 7 stalls that can be used and of course we have some boys who will not get along so Kim ended up having to put one of the stallions into the horse trailer and she said she could tell by the look on his face he was NOT IMPRESSED!

Has anyone heard of anything on the news as far as damage? We have no Cable or Satelitte here so we do not know what has happened around us

Just talked to Grace from Shady Acres - they are ok. Lost a gate, but that is all the damage, other than no electricity. All horses and people are ok - she was very worried about Dakotahmoon so I will call her back with the good news that all is ok there. I'm so glad. We were so fortunate here in Parrish that it didn't come our way - all we got were gusty winds and rain.

I tell you I love Florida BUT without a storm shelter big enough for me and ALL my animals- Oh forget it, I'd just build myself one of those underground houses!! They are cool and almost dust free, don't need planning permission and do not affect the environment. Yes, it's a Hobbits life for me in Sunny, Storm torn Florida
I'm so glad you are safe. Anyone else out there?????
Morning storm troopers. Please check in when you can this morning. I'm betting it was a LONG nite for all. Dennis seems to be tracking northwest now and is hitting Tenn and KY and more. Prayers for all.

So glad those of you in Fla managed so well.
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Hello all,

Its early Mon. morning in west TN. Being hammered with heavy rain and high winds. No damage to speak of yet. I hope it stays that way.
I know Lonnie already reported in but...he beat me to it. I was so exhausted from dealing with so much in such a short period, I was a zombie. I was STILL up until 11pm last night getting everyone fed and tucked in, but I slept til a whopping 7:20 this morning
That's the most sleep I've had in days.

At one point Lonnie's brother (from South FL) called and I was bawling like a child. The "plan" was to put my big mare in the pen that my 3 boys were in as there is a decent size shed row in there. I'd spent several hours Saturday putting up a south wall on it. I put her in there and she freaked. She turned around and ran straight through 4 strands of hotwire (which thankfully I had alread unplugged, so it wasn't hot). All I could think was that she wouldn't say in the pasture (where she ran) and that I'd come home to find her gone. I hope you guys don't think I'm horrible for evacuating and leaving the animals...but then no one was there but me...I did what I could do. I was facing the prospect of a 145mph storm with no clear idea of where it was going to come ashore. THANKFULLY the core was west of us, but we still got some stiff winds, rain and the bands continued to come ashore well into the night (as I said it was nearly 11 when I got in bed, and it was still howling and raining outside) other option was to stay in the mobile home. Now granted it's not an old run down mobile home, and they build them stronger these days, but I had specific instructions....from dear hubby that I wasn't to stay there. At one point I called my parents and told them I wasn't coming because I wasn't leaving Cheyenne (the big mare) loose...of course then my parents had my son's call..."Mom we'd really like to have you here with us.."
guilt trip...By that point I had caught Cheyenne and put her in a stall (which was kind of small for her, but she gladly stayed right there) and had rearranged other things so it all worked out. I think that I had gotten so stressed out that I was just a mess...the good long cry I had helped clear my mind and I was able to function after that.

I woke up to find out that the tropical wave down in the now Tropical Depression #5....hopefully it won't come up here, but Lonnie, if you're reading this...we WILL be regrouping on 'the plan'
Everything is fine in Ocala, we just got a little rain and wind with Dennis.
Oh forget it, I'd just build myself one of those underground houses!!

Uh Fizz.....we don't do underground nothing in South Florida.......can you guess why?

OK up here on the mountain in Tennessee we've had rain since about 4:00am and it has continued on and off all day long. We've had just moderate winds, nothing big.

Since my entire new barnyard has just been bulldozed and grated last weekend, I don't have my gravel down yet so I now have major mud up the whazoo. Feel my joy.

We are supposed to get rain on and off for the rest of the week. Lovely.

I am rushing to get those clean conditioned tails up in bags! Heaven forbid they get muddy on me.

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