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Nov 30, 2002
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Dear Bonnie,

I've been made aware that my post to another recent thread may have seemed hurtful. If this is the case, I hope you may consider accepting my sincerest apology. To ever cause hurtful feelings for you or anyone, has never been the intent of anything I do or say.

With regard to my post in response to yours, I only meant that folks do well know from past threads of long ago, that you and I do not have the same beliefs. In no way would I ever consider yours to be wrong, just not what "I" can accept for myself, personally.

I've tried with all my heart for that to be what is conveyed from my heart in saying that. And in my previous response to your recent thread though, I was only hoping to further convey that though we "are" adamently different in that respect, we are still very much so, quite the same, with respect to our approach to life in general. And in your statement from that thread, is where I did and still do, and prayerfully always will feel a deep connection with you because of those specific heartfelt words you spoke. In that, I was sending you my hugs and kisses, because I felt in my heart to do so, only because we are miles apart, and we couldn't hug (regardless of our differences), so I posted the smilies in hopes they could further convey my appreciations of what you said.

I am posting this publicly, in hopes that it will also help to alleviate any potentially further "he said/she said". Bonnie, it's always been well evident that we don't see eye to eye on many things, entirely because of our personal convictions of what we each may or may not believe. But, like you so eloquently spoke of in your recent thread, in no way does that mean we cannot hold sincere appreciations of one another. I do have a great respect and admiration for you, (regardless of whether that may ever prove mutual or not), and those who have confronted me bluntly with my regards to you, I have expressed nothing short of that time and again.

I can only hope and pray for your forgiveness, if I have ever made you feel otherwise.

With deepest love and sincerest respect,

Tanya Belasky

EDITED: Holding you and yours in heart and prayers...just because.
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i read that thread and i dont see how anyone could take it the wrong way?? I took it exactly has you said it that even though you are both alot different you are both very much the same.

I think the world of both of you!

Hello Tanya,

My goodness no offense taken!! I have been called everything from a devil worshipper(yeah right) to a fat b----! these shoulders are very broad.

I respect and have nothing but love in my heart for you.

its a no brainer!


Thank you Bonnie. Hugs to you too.

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