day old Pics of my filly

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Nov 30, 2002
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We took her out for a walk tonight. She is a day old here so not totally unfolded, but I really really like her and think she has potental.


She is a pretty girl, Ashley! I'll look forward to seeing some pictures of her later when she can lose all that fuzz.
Congrats on your new girl. I love her her mom too. And she looks like a good girl, staying with mom. I took my day old colt out today for a walk and he ran away, has a mind of his own,would not stay with mom.
Very beautiful filly!!


She didnt stick with mom so well. Those pics were before the walk. She wanted to be with the humans(especially my step son) more then her mother. IT made for an intresting walk.
She is a pretty little-big girl!! LOL

I cant wait to see more pix as she grows..
I think her name is going to be Shez-Amazing.
Oh! She's going to be FUN to watch mature! Congratulations!
Today was there first day outside. IT was almost 70 so thought i would put them out with the others for the day. I had 2 mares protecting her and the baby. My pony was naughty so had to be locked up away from them. The rest were good. After a few hours the baby was scareing everybody else with all her running and bucking.

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