Congradulations to winners/ those coming thru storm

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Oct 29, 2005
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First let me say congradulations to all the people winning at nationals. I truly share your joy and excitement. I also think anyone attending and showing, whether winning, deserves congratulaions also. I tried to run in whenever possible and look at the show. I too, as another mentioned, saw so much good sportsmanship and fun going on. You guys are such a great bunch of people.

I also am so glad to hear so many good reports of people and animals coming through the storm. I grew up in Biloxi and fully realize the fear during the storm and the "we made it" feeling afterward. Of course there is then the cleanup.

I now live in North Louisiana and it seems we have not seen this much rain in a long time. It's been almost 4 weeks of rain everyday, if not all day, part of the day. It rained before the other storm and then during it and now with this storm. I think in that 4 weeks we have had sunny days possibly for 4 days. Due to this we have had to add and redirt the barn and the chicken house and yard. Build ditches to keep ponds from overflowing even with overflow pipes. The ground is so saturated, trees keep falling. Only had to go without electricity for about 24 hours. One reason I have not had time to sit and enjoy individual congradulations to everyone. Guess's still raining. I joked with one person that not only will the horses probably have rain rot this year but I'm checking for mold also. lol

Again congradulations to all those attending Nationals and those making it through the storm.

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