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Apr 4, 2005
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my mini mare is due anytime
and I was wondering what color the foal will be ????? The stud is a buckskin pinto and the mare is brown/white pinto can anyone help me ???? thanks
Predicting a foal's color is "iffy" at best-- so many criteria to take into account, and even then, something "hidden" or unknown can show itself and surprise you. For example, a buckskin can carry the "red" gene, so if it does, not only can they produce black, bay or buckskin, but they can produce a sorrel too, if they carry it.

Is the brown and white mare the one in your avatar?

You have a darn good chance for a pinto (tho not a CERTAIN one); you could get brown, buckskin, black, sorrel, or even others. Are you excited yet?
if they are both herterozygous she could have a palomino too!

There's ather posilities too!

best answer - wait and see


exciting isnt it!! Good luck

I never guess right

i just had a bay foal out of a silver dapple by a black sabino (the silver dapple is out of a chestnut)
Is it the mare in your avatar?

She looks like a chestnut pinto.

So chestnut pinto x buckskin pinto:

Chestnut, palomino, bay, buckskin, black, smokey and ad a 75% chance on pinto on those, since both parents are pinto.

If one of the parents is homozygous for something the outcome could be slightly different, but these are all the possible options.

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