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Aug 18, 2012
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I was going to go off my original topic I started of trying to figure out what color my boy was but I could not find it.

From last year to this year's post I have noticed my stallions color has gotten deeper and more white it showing up in his coat. Last year he was a bright sorrel color and since birth has had this unusual white patch on his shoulder.

His sire is a Silver Buckskin and his dam is a Sorrel but looking more into his Dam's side, his grand sire red to remember, Robin has the same coloring has him, having the white flecks. I even found current picture of Red to Remember and he has even more white now and has white splotches like my boy has.

If I go even further back on his dam's side (sire) there is buckskin, black(and a current photo shows this horse has white flecks now), black pinto and red roan and on the other side (dam) is gray, sorrel, chestnut pinto and unknown.

I have posted up photos of my boy Robin as a yearling, two year old and current photos from yesterday to show the white and how it is all through his coat now evenly. (sorry the photos are a little on the green side from my phone, its crappy with photos)

I want to get him color tested over the winter but I am not savy with all the color terms so I need help in what to test. I am really interested to see if he is just a plain sorrel or not with all this white.








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Some lines of minis have true Sabino (sb1), otherwise his roaning might be caused by Rabicano. Mostly looks sorrel to me.
I have had a sorrel mare with a flaxen mane and tail and she never had white all through her coat but I guess they can all vary, its just odd how his coat has been changing
I have a bay mare that has the same thing. Thought rabicano. But not so much anymore, now she doesn't have a skunk tail. Now I'm going with sabino. Interested in what you may find with the testing. I haven't done it, because I can't imagine ripping her hair out again. Did it for amha, and she glared at me for a week lol.

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