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Dec 2, 2002
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My mare hadn't laid down in over two weeks so the equipage never went off. But, I kept checking on her just in case the equipage didn't work - of course I had tested it - but you never know. Early this morning the pager went off and I could see Lady pushing. She was at 335 days and usually carries about 312. I headed out with the foaling kit in arms and by the time I got there the foal's front half was dangling out and Lady was walking around. The foal felt cool and I thought it was dead then I heard little grunting noises. I felt around and the foal was in a sitting dog position. The foal had made it past the pelvic girdle but didn't seem to want to fit out of the vulva. The poor mare was pushing and pushing and the foal wasn't moving. There was no way the foal was going back in so I kept pulling and twisting to try and get the foals haunches out of the mare without causing any damage. Luckily Lady is 21 years old and has had many foals so she wasn't as tight as a maiden mare. I was pulling on the legs, the body, anything I could and finally the foal and everything came out, afterbirth and all. I kept rubbing the foal and it finally start stirring but still laid there as did the dam.

I have never had a birth like this and never want to again. After a few minutes the foal lifted it's head and I continued drying it off. As soon as I took the foal to the mother's head, Lady became interested and everything started going right. I was was so shaken that when I felt for holes there were two and I thought even though it's a colt it's beautiful and made it. It wasn't until I dipped the cord for the third time that my mind started working and I realized I had a filly
. The filly's legs aren't working quite right yet from the pulling and the folded position, but I'm sure in a couple days she'll be fine.

Anyway after a long story, here's our little miracle filly. Her name is Horse Song Sheeza a Miracle and we'll call her Mira. She arrived at 1:30 am and these pictures are of her at about 4 hours old.


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Great save, congratulations!! Mira is beautiful.
A miracle for sure -- and a very pretty one at that.
Wow what a story Congrats on Mira I love that name and looks like she has blue eyes too, Thats awesome!
Wow Congratulations! She certainly is a miracle. I lost my first foal last year because of this same position..mine was a maiden mare and the vet ended up pushing the foal back in.

My mare recovered and is in foal again. So well done, getting your Beautiful FILLY out safe and sound
How scary Stephanie! Thank God you saw her foaling and was able to help her. She's a doll! I can't quite tell in the pics, what color is she?

WOW, that was a close one! So glad it all worked out well and congratulations on your LIVE, beautiful little girl!!
What a little beauty! I'm glad all your hard work paid off with a live, healthy filly.
She's lovely! And thank you for a wonderful story of her beginnings.

PS: Just want to are a great writer. You kept me on pins and needles.
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Gooood Job!!!! It's awesome when everything works out well. So glad you delivered your little girl safely. She is beautiful as is her sire and dam and what a good mother!


Beautiful baby and her parents too!
Congrats on your new little filly, What a way to come into the world, so glad you were there to save her and to help that poor mom.
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Beautiful Baby

- I was looking at your Site and you own my Stallions Grand Dam!

(Winsomes Sweet Charity) She's Gorgeous btw

This is my Stallion

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Lucky lucky filly to be alive! We lost one last year with just one leg forward - big colt and a maiden mare.

Congrats on your pretty filly.

Congrats -- Glad it worked out ok -- she is very pretty...
Not something you'd like to experience again! She's a beauty, and her mother is really special too! She needs a big hug.

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