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Aug 18, 2003
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Arlington, Wa
Hi,So since we had a few days of warm weather I decided that Spring was here, and the fact that I have been battling Fancy's hives for a month, I figured it was time to clip her. Of course the next day was 30 degrees and freezing rain. Here are pictures of my miniature mare, KS Just To Fancy. Sorry it's so many pictures.






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You did a great job!!!

I had to double check what you said, because I almost thought she was a full size horse (which I love!).
WOW! Now THAT is a big horse in miniature for the many that loosely use the saying. She's BEAUTIFUL! May I ask how tall she is?

I have to laugh at this one. I took her to the fair last summer, and a little run in with one of the other people who show in the area, about not bringing a shetland to a miniature horse show, and that I was "going against the standard of perfection." Yet at that same show and even in her fuzzy winter hair, I have had more people comment on how she looks like a true horse in miniature size (which to me is what we should be going by, not just by bloodlines). Anyways, she is around 36" (I haven't been able to measure her recently).

Thanks for your comments!

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she looks so awesome

in the last pic she does looka a bit like a big horse
once again awesome
She does look like a big horse! She's beautiful and ohmygosh she can trot!
I think she is a classic shetland? I know she posted pics somewhere else and said she would make AMHR height to hardship. Just wanted to say agian, i LOVE this mare!!

Hi everyone,

Yes, she is a classic shetland, with a Americana pony for a 3 or 4 time great grandfather. She currently measures about 36" and will be driving this summer. Thanks for all your comments, I think she is the best.

Thanks again,

I thought she was a big horse....had to go back and look again when I realized she wasn't. Very nice girl ya got there.

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