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Aug 15, 2007
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Harlingen Texas
Hey guys!

well i have the urge to try CDE's I have 2 driving horses and one that i think would really enjoy it. We trail drive regularly and he is not spooked very easily. Tell me what should i do to help prepare him for CDE's?
Hi Travis! I see you're in Texas so luckily you have events near you that will accept miniature horses.
Maybe Al B can help you find the contact information for the local carriage clubs like the Texas Whips but that's your best place to start. Find someone there to take some lessons with.

You want your horse as fit as you can get him (he should be able to trot with the cart for 30-45 minutes then turn around and do it again after a small break and some walking) and very obedient. He should make transitions smoothly, stand quietly, and be soft and balanced through the corners. He should cross water at a trot and you should practice driving between sets of cones so you can do it without hitting them. Oh, and make sure he backs straight!

Have fun!

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Hey Travis,

I wondered what happened to you after the January show. Glad to see you're back at it. As Vickie said there is a Pleasure show in Bellville in May. It will be more or less just a fun type show. Four or five mini's entered already.

Also if you're coming to the Katy AMHA show (Galaxy) in May, the Houston Area Carriage Association (HACA) and I are putting on a seminar about ADS driving after the classes on Saturday.

If that doesn't work, HACA is also putting on a CDE in November in Navasota.

In between times, there are lots of things going on every month.

I can send you an article I wrote for the GHMHC newsletter describing CDE's for the breed show drivers if you would like.

Just let me know and I can give you whatever information you need.

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