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I'm an over observant worry wart when it comes to Molly so maybe theres my answer, But

We moved the horses yesterday **YAY** All went well and as you can see they enjoy the clean, fresh, tidy new pasture (The barn is even better)

...Anyways, My fiance took a ride with me today, he rode Molly - I took Image and I noticed every step you could see a huge lower rib line on her (As you can see in the picture but its more extreme in person)

It looks normal in one motion then when she steps her stomach disappears and her lower ribs pop out, yet you can't "see ribs" at all, just a harsh lower line.

I don't watch my horse with someone riding hardly ever so thought maybe she looked sick and odd while riding though I never saw it on movies or in a picture - but while watching her in the pasture I noticed it and I've definitely never seen her sides look like that.

Why would that be?

The last horse I remember looking like that was Lizzy, my pony, who had a tumor rupture in her stomach and was put to sleep the next day.

Shes acting 100% and eating normal, just has a really weird look?
Sorry Im not help but that does look very odd. Do you have a pic of her just standing?
This is what I was told by my vet as Honey has one. It's called a heave line, caused by her heaves. Not sure if it's true, but that's what it looks like in your picture. JMO. If you ahve another one of her standing (like Kay said and a better side shot while she's moving) it might be better to see.

I have seen lots of horses with heaves and she looks just like them.
Heaves line was my first impression, too. I am sure your vet can tell you for sure.
A heave line? Like from heaves?

She has been coughing. As has Image, Wackem and Pippa started the day before we were able to move them.

It was from the hay they were being fed, it was last springs round bales that sat all winter. I was PEEVED when she wouldn't agree to feed them better hay because they are "Pasture boarded horses" and "everyone else eats them and is fine" She got an ear full and I started feeding them her square hay myself the past month.

So what can I do for them? I can get better pictures when I head back to our new place at noon.

Upon further inspection it looks like Image and Pippa also have a funny line, but not as noticeable as Molly.

Molly started coughing from the hay 4-5 weeks ago, Image followed soon after, Wackem started around three weeks ago and Pippa had just started coughing two days before we took them.

Can they get rid of this? This is exactly what I thought it could be and didn't want. Don't tell me my three year old horse could carry this forever? He coughs if he moves any faster then a walk while riding.
From the information on the link that Marty posted:

"The good news is that horses will generally improve once the cause of the heaves is removed. This may involve removing the animal from a dusty stable or substituting a better quality and less dusty hay.

If hay is the likely culprit, owners are wise to thoroughly wet any hay before feeding it to the horse to eliminate the dust problem. An owner may choose to gradually switch their horse to a pelletised feed - ensuring that the horse still gets its daily requirement of roughage in its diet.

The horse should begin to show improvement and be back to normal from one to three weeks later, depending upon the severity of the case."
Nicole--I'm sooo glad you moved your horses. But I'm so sorry you have one more thing to worry about. This doesn't sound too bad though.... still a worry.
[SIZE=12pt]From my heavey horse experience, they might all benefit from a few days or more of treament with Ventipulmin. As with athsmatic people, the drug helps the airway dilate and lessens contriction. [/SIZE]
im sure your horse will be just fine. horses recover from many things, so im sure yours wont be any different. you should deffinetly have your vet check them out. it could be what they are eating. did u start to notice this when you moved to the new field? also, you might want to ask anybody who has ridden/watched her being ridden and ask if they ever noticed it. i hope that helped a little.

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