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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
I bought one of these today, Canon PowerShot A470 ....does anyone else have one? I tried it out on the horses and i was hoping for a faster shutter but it took forever to take the picture after i pushed the button, is there anyway you can speed up the shutter time ...something you can adjust?

For those of you who have and use this cameria, do you like it? I should have asked before i bought it ..but still have 30 days to return it just incase, i think its about the same as the cameria i have now ..i was hoping for a more crisp photo then my current cameria. I do like that this cameria has sound on the video
If you want a camera that takes a picture "faster" than this new camera, you have to move up to at least the S5-IS. Otherwise, from what I was told when I was camera shopping last year, the Powershot cameras are all pretty much the same in terms of speed.

Your fastest cameras will be the digital SLR cameras like the Canon Rebel. The S series cameras have something that makes them much faster than the ordinary Powershots, but they still aren't as fast as the SLR cameras. Of course you do pay for that speed with the SLR cameras too--they are much more pricey than the powershots or the S series. I referred to the S5-IS because that seems to be the newest version. I have the S3-IS but when I was in the camera store the other day I noticed that they are now up to the S5. Same camera, with some new & improved functions I presume. The S3 I have is a big improvement over the Powershot I had before (I forget what the number on that camera was).

I don't think there is anything much you can do to speed up your camera--you just have to live with that time delay between pressing the button and the opening of the shutter. If you're thinking of taking it back I would suggest that you return it and check out the S5-IS. I don't honestly know how the two compare in price--the S5 is certain to be higher priced, but for me the extra price is well worth it for the improved picture taking speed. My S3 offers continuous frame shooting as well as video so I'm sure that the S5 is the same in those respects. I think there's sound on the video--I rarely use the video on the S3, just because I find the continuous shooting more useful for my purposes. When I want video I just use the regular camcorder
I do have to say, if you can afford one of the SLR's...they are AWESOME! I just got a new Eos Rebel XSi....I LLLLOOOOVVEEEE it. I can take a bunch of pictures in a series.....hmm, thought I had them on here, but I don't. I have a whole series of pictures of the puppies playing in their pool last week...but the camera is packed and I can't get at it right now....otherwise I'd post pics for you to see


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