Can you guys please answer a few questions for me?

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Nov 7, 2004
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Fort Collins Colorado
Well I know this a controversial subject, and that is exactly what I was going for.

My class is Sociology of Contemporary Problems for my college class and I need to write a research paper.

I had 1 major source, but I have e-mailed her, and sent a few other messages, and whether my questions offended her or not I am not sure, but this paper is due on Monday and since I work all weekend, I have to finish the interview portion tomorrow.

Please, if you choose to help me with this, do NOT feel as though you must answer any questions.

The topic of my paper is "Gay Marriage, and The Effects on Society"

This is NOT a paper on whether or not I feel gay marriage is right or wrong, but more on the social problem of lack of civil rights.

Should gays be denied to chance to marry, or receive the same benefits as heterosexuals depending on whether or not it positively or negatively affects society. (This is based on the sources I have found personally, not on 100% fact from professional researchers.

There is an interview consent form. Please read it and "sign" it. All you have to do it type your name on the lines provided saying you did voluntarily consent to this paper.

I will be more than happy to post/send it to you if you would like once I am done with it.

Thanks for your help everyone. It means a lot.

If you could, please answer the following questions. If you don't feel comfortable answering them, please feel free to leave them blank.

1. How do you feel you personally are treated as a gay in this year, 2008?

2. How do you feel other openly gay people are treated by society?

3. Do you believe that religion plays a small or large part in the denial of gay marriage and why?

4. Do you feel that society would be more accepting of gays without the concept of religion?

Without religious politicians?

5. Do you believe legalizing gay marriage would have an effect on society?

Would that effect be positive or negative

6. Do you feel that education and open talk of gay marriage or activities would help to solve the discrimination?

7. Do you feel that gays as a whole are sexually promiscuous?

8. Studies have shown that children raised with two same sex parents are NOT more likely to be gay themselves.

Why do you think that even after research such as this, people are opposed to gays adopting children of their own?

9. Do you feel that gay people are capable of loving people in the same way as straight people?

10. Do you have any comments upon the issue of gay marriage and the effects on society?

Interview Consent Form

I ___________________________ agree to be interviewed by Jamie Byrd on this date 3/31/08

I understand that my real name will not be used in this paper, assuring that my privacy will be protected. I understand that I am NOT obligated to answer any questions that I do not feel comfortable answering and that I can terminate the interview at any time. I also understand that this is a class project, and the only person reading the paper will be Professor Jason Downing.

________________________________________ _____________________

Signature of Interviewee Date

Jamie Byrd 3/31/08

____________________________ _______________

Signature of Interviewer Date

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