Can I share a picture?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Alberta, Canada

This is Circle J Elvez, he's an 11 year old gelding. Last weekend he won Grand Champion Senior Gelding under both judges and was also one judge's Supreme Halter Horse! I was very excited, I've never won Supreme before. The neat part is that he won it at the same show that his sire won his Supreme's at about 13 years ago!

The picture is taken by my brother Michael, he's sixteen and really good at picture taking ... but getting sick of me asking him take pictures of every horse on the place!

Thanks for looking!
Wow! He is Gorgeous...Congrats on the Grand Champion and Supreme....following in dads hoofsteps Lol.

He's stunning!
And your brother is wonderful at taking pictures....great shot with pretty blue background.
I agree Kendra! He is stunning!!!!!



P.S. Are you going to the Camrose show this weekend? I will be at Big Valley so I am planning to stopping by to see all the action!
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WOW, he's pretty!!!
Love the picture too, good job Michael!

That is a beautiful horse and deserving of all those wins!!!

Keep up the great work and tell Michael he's got a great eye for photography!

Thanks for sharing,

Liz M.
Thanks guys! He LOVES halter, we call him the princess. If he could just do halter all day every day he'd be one happy horse!

Dee - the Camrose show is next weekend, the weekend after the Jamboree. Have fun though, and go visit all Elvez's buddies in the hitch, my grandparents are there for UFA. Next year Elvez is probably going back into the hitch.
Congrats to you Kendra... you and your princess deserved the titles.
Thanks again for showing Moniet you are cut out for showing no question about it.
LOL Kendra! Lynsey Hayes told me it was this weekend. One of us must have mis-understood! I would have been waiting for her call all weekend to find out where the show was! LOL


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