Breeding horses that carry the gray gene..

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May 24, 2004
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Verbena Alabama
I think i remember this be discussed before so forgive me if I am repeating threads here. Did I see on here somewhere that if you breed two horses that both carry the gray gene that the foal will be born blind?
No, I do not recall the graying gene causing blindness .... I do know there can be eye issues with the silver dapple gene...
It is Silvers that are supposed to have this problem. There is NO problem with Homozygous Greys
keep in mind it is intensly bred silver dapples that have the eye problem. Rabbit i have seen more then i care to that carry this. The problem is most people dont know what it looks like so they dont even know its there. The worst one i ever saw was a filly at an auction. Everyone kept commenting on her cute bug eyes. I was shocked at how many people (experienced breeders) had no clue what that was that was making her eyes bug out.

The ones i have known personally were from several generations of exclusively silver dapple breeding on both the sire and dam side. This is why its so prevelant in the rocky mountain horse
NO they are not blind, but the grays are supposed to have a higher chance of skin cancer.
Grey horses do not generally have eye problems. Remember some breeds such as Andalusians, Percherons, and Lipizzaners have a DOMINANT amount of breeding horses that are grey!

They do tend to get a lot of melanomas (skin cancers) and I have found this to be true on the two grey Andalusians that live in my barn.


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