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Jan 16, 2006
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NW PA/ Ohio Border
Hi everyone, bare with me, as my migraine meds are kicking in and knocking ne for a loop

This evening after the hunt for Twister was over, I talked to the lady I was suppose to get mu just weaned mini from. Well looks like I am not getting the weanling now. The person she got the mare from changed her mind, and now no new baby mini for me
I was so looking forward to having a little one of my own, and all the work it took to get hubby on my side and it was all for nothing..
I don't breed and show, I just wanted a reasonable, pet quality baby of my own(remember dream one was black and white filly
and that is what this mare had thrown for her last three foals) Sorry, I just had to cry on someones shoulder, as thanks to me carrying my phone around all day, then talking to her, my cordless phone batt. are dead and can't find the regular phone. I think I am just going to go grab my rice bag and cry myself to sleep.. It hurts so much when you get so excited about things (2 things in one day) and then to find out it isn't so.. I wish this dang black cloud would LEAVE.. O.K. enough complaining-- of to bed.. Sorry..

Ps. Anyone have any foals or soon to be weanlings that would qualify close to PA?? Sorry my state of mine-- just had to throw that out there.. I know you can't ask those such things on here.
I hate when that happens but to me a deal is a deal. Your word is only good as you are.

If I offer a buy back or first choice and they turn me down and I have another buyer they are out of luck if they change their mind. I could see if there was no other buyer in the picture letting her have the filly.

I don't say one thing and change my mind when it comes to a sale unless it is for the horses best interest.

Sorry about the baby and I wish we were closer I could help you find another one.

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