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I have my library copy now so can begin. The author’s name is familiar but I’ve not read any of her books. Looking forward to this reading adventure!
How are you all coming along with the book, and what do you think of it so far? I know how it ends, so I'm searching for clues about the plot twist.
I’m almost finished as well. It is not a book I would have chosen on my own but am glad it was a recommendation. She writes so well and really can put you into her characters lives and activities.
It's definitely not something I would have chosen, but I won it online and I enjoyed it. I will post the questions in a couple days. Don't want to accidentally give away the ending to anyone that's not finished.
Ok everyone, time for questions. If you aren't done, do not read these!

1 How did you like the book and what did you think of how it ended?

2 Do you believe in psychics and ghosts? Why or why not? And did that change your feelings about the book?

3 Do you think Thomas’s erratic behavior justifies Alice’s affair? What would you have done in Alice’s place?

4 Jenna compares her search for her mother to Captain Ahab’s search for the whale in Moby-Dick, or Javert hunting Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, saying they are all three defined by their search. Do you agree with this assessment? Have you ever felt defined in this way by something you wanted?

5 What is the significance of finding Alice’s wallet?

6 Thomas was struggling with a mental illness. Do you think that Alice should have been more supportive of him because of this? Do you think it's possible to hide something so severe so well?
I really hate to do this, but I have to back out of the Book Club 2024. Not that I have contributed to this thread at all, other than suggesting a book to read (The Invincible Miss Cuss) and committing to the discussion afterwards, but unfortunately I have way too many things going on right now. Every time I try to pick up a book to read, something either comes up or I am too tired to keep my eyes open. I am currently overseeing 2 construction projects on my house and trying to get ready for a 5 week RV trip. Plus, I'm taking driving (a cart) lessons and helping train my boys to drive. Way too much going on here. I do apologize for committing and then backing out. If the group is still going on during the fall/winter portion of the year, I really would like to participate. Thank You.
I'm apologizing for having to back out of the Book Club. As the others have said, spring is here, lots to do from winter and the rains, not to much down time to focus on reading for me now. :(
I did read Leaving Time and to quote Kelly, “ Holy crap!”. 😂 As far as liking the book, I’m glad to have read it, but the ending left me feeling tricked. 🤨 May have to read another one of her books. 😁

I don’t believe in ghosts or psychics, but understand that many people do and that there are many things in life not readily understood or explained.

That is an interesting question about being defined by a search. I tend to think that what we search for and how we do that search is formed by who we are - what we believe in, what matters to us, the level of commitment we bring to that effort, and our willingness to learn and grow beyond our starting point.

I think Alice could perhaps have been more supportive, but not sure it would have made a difference. We have an extended family member that lives with mental illness and there are good days and hard days. I’m just not sure the people around her really impact her day, the anger seems to come from within and to not be associated particularly with the people around her at any given time.

You picked a good story , even if I did end up wanting to throw the book out the window! 🤣

I have really enjoyed your book choices and would like to read more of them. This is, however, an extra busy time of year for everyone. Is there any merit in pausing the book club until September/October?
Not part of your book club, but I'm reading Salt of the Sea right now on my library app. It's a book some of your might enjoy. Haven't reached the end yet--I'm a little on tenterhooks about the ending.
I looked it up and it sounds powerful and tragic. I loved history, taking it all through school and never once heard of the ship, Wilhelm Gustloff or the people she carried. 💔

I am placing a library request. Thank you!

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