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Nov 30, 2002
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central CA
With soaring gas prices, I am considering buying a bike and riding to work. It would be about 7 miles. My main concerns are the extra time required and safety. Does anyone know how long it would take? The road I would take is mostly flat and I would have a 4-way stop and a 3-way stop to go through. The speed limit for cars is 55 MPH and there is one place where there is an underpass that goes under the railroad. Any comments or suggestions? Anyone else ever done this?
I haven't done it but have thought about it. It's 12 miles each way for me.

If I were to do that, I would definitely wear a helmet, and I would make myself so visible that no one could miss seeing me! My biggest concern is that drivers these days are SO distracted...talking on the phone, reading, checking their email, etc. So, lights, a flag, an orange mesh vest, you name it, I think I'd put it on my bike.

(I've actually thought about riding my horse to work over the mountain on the trails. But...we don't have any corrals at work.

Let us know if you decide to do this and how it goes.
Longer ago than I care to think about, my hubby got interested in riding cycling centuries (100-mile organized rides.) He managed to talk me into becoming his riding buddy, only, I needed to train a lot more than he did. I was riding up to 30 miles a day, at an average speed of 18-20 MPH. The problem with riding at a pace like that is, you are in serious need of a shower when you get done!

If you can find roads that aren't too busy, it can be very pleasant. I'm currently looking after a friend's horses that are stabled about a half-mile from here, and I take the bike every chance I get. Half a mile is barely enough to get warmed up good, but some days I push it (the horses certainly don't care if I'm sweaty!) other days I just sort of cruise along. I think I'm getting a reputation among my neighbors for eccentricity, though. A middle-aged lady wearing pink rubber boots riding a mountain bike with a red bucket strapped to the handlebars seems to turn heads.

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