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Nov 21, 2006
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I have several newborn foal blankets and use them every year.

This year I am finding that I have gaps in my sizes and I want to fill in those gaps so that the blankets are not too small or too large. The newborn foals seem to be very precise so that they do not get tangled.

Which do you find to be the best and where can I order them. I know there are some people on LB that also custom make them.

Provide links if possible.

Thank you !
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Click right here for our tack and supplies Sponsors sites I know many of them have the best Mini horse blankets available. These companies throughout the U.S. and Canada may be discussed here.

Forum members who custom make their own and may want to offer to make one or more to sell, feel free to email or P.M. your information to Joanne only AND if you'd like to be added to our Christmas stores to advertise your blankets contact myself or Lois at The Little Horse Barn to be added!! it's Free.

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