Foal blanket, any quick ideas?

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That's wonderful that he's doing better, I worried all night. What a cutie!!!!!! Does he have a name yet? Who know's what it was. I had a March baby 3 years ago who had to wait 3 hours for a good feed until the mares milk came in, he finally got it just before I got home with milk replacer. He was shivering badly even though he had 3 blankets on and was them wrapped in two fleece blankets while he slept. It took him a bit to finally warm up. I wonder if it could be not getting enough to eat? If your little ones IgG is borderline maybe he wasn't getting quite enough in the beginning. Just an idea but something I'll watch for. More pictures and updates are always welcome 😄
Oh wow! Its always something with them.

For sure on the not getting enough in the beginning. They had some trouble figuring out the feeding (maiden mare) and we ended up syringing him for the first 12 hours.

His name is Honiton :)
For future use--in an emergency, take a blanket (wool is best) and cut it to fit. Hand sew the chest closed and use a strip of fleece as a surcingle--wrap it right around baby and use duct tape to secure it. I did that for a winter baby and it worked great. We had a Hudson Bay wool blanket on hand.

Glad to hear your colt is doing better!
Good thoughts! Thanks everyone.

He had his first day in the paddock today, just for a few while I cleaned the stall. His momma was happy to get a run and show him off to her buddy who immediately claimed the role as second mom. My little bay mare has been almost constantly by the stall watching them. He still tends to get cold easily but is otherwise acting normal unlike how he was on Tuesday. We're just keeping him in and bundled up!

We got to put him on the scale at the vet, 20# blanket and all. These little guys are so stinkin' cute.DSC_1581_Fotor.jpgDSC_1565_Fotor.jpgDSC_1583_Fotor.jpg
That's awesome, mom has a built in babysitter! So adorable!!!!! Thanks for the pictures and update.
We had a little colt born last night. I thought that I was totally prepared having a heat lamp and a SStack mini foal saver blanket on hand but it is WAY to big for him. I tried it for a few minutes early this morning and he just gets tangled up in it. I thought about pinning it but that seems like an accident waiting to happen.
Last night once he was dry it was fine, it was a warmer calm night and in the 40's but this evening a few days worth of rain is moving in and I think our somewhat open concept barn is going to be to drafty. He'd be fine with the blanket, which was the plan, I never thought that he would be to small! He doesn't seem to go sit by the heat lamp (I hate leaving those on in the barn anyway) however, like I said, he hasn't figured it out at all.
Any quick blanket tricks or ideas? I thought about an old shirt or coat with some leg holes cut in it, if I can stuff him into the sleeve like a goat kid maybe? The blanket would have been so much nicer.
Sorry to pull up a zombie post, may I ask how big the sire and dam are? I just ordered a mini foal saver and I'm hoping it will work for mine due soon!

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