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Feb 10, 2005
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El Cajon
I made these on my comp last night. I like the plans a lot. There will be runs off the back of every stall that will be mini sized and low enough that a mare and foal can use them. What's your thoughts on the barn? I think it really should work quite well for me... I love the big huge tack room!!! I'm also going to try and maybe put a little overhang or something over one of the ends of the barn for cart storage. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts! Thanks!!!

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I love your plan with a few exceptions. I would widen your breeze way to at least 10' and even 12 would be better. We use our asile for a lot of things including driving the truck in to unload feed in the feed room. A lot of times we just sit around in it and socialize with our horsey frends.I would also take out one of the cross ties and wash racks. How often do you need two at one time. I would use this as a feed room with cart storage overhead. This is just my opinion and it will vary with each persons needs. Our barn is facing north with a sliding door on each end of the asile. It pulls the air thourgh like a wind tunnel. Feels great in the summer but is cold in the winter but we keep one door shut to stop that. Good luck with your barn. maryann
Very NICE!!! I like the overhang idea too! You made very good use of a 22 x 30 barn!! Love the HUGE tack room.

What I would do for "me" would be to combine the wash stalls into one, if you need to drive a truck into the aisleway definitely make it wider...if not then 6 ft. would work for smaller tractors etc....and I would include space in there for an office. I like barns that have a gathering room where you can set old wooden furniture down and just hang, listen to music or do paperwork...AND sit and clean tack. Also since I would'nt use a hayloft in with my barn, I'd make space to store a few bales of hay too so it would be easier than always having to walk out into another building to get it.

I like your idea tho
...what program did you use to do up this plan?
I would leave 2 of the stalls open together to make 1 larger stall, our stalls at our place are 8 x 8 with approx 30 X16 runs for the show horses who spend more time in their stall then the others. We also have several stalls that are 16 x 8, we use those for various reasons. Right now we have an injured horse (not bad, just needs babying) and I don't want him to play in the dirt so he is up in the larger stall and he has room to move around for a longer stalling period time. We have one stall that is 5 X 8 that we use to put the muck cart in and other tools, we have fed a horse in their also, but I would not keep one for very long in that small of an area. Just not much room to move around in. I would also only have one wash rack also with the tie up area open next to it. It will be very hard to wash a mini with a 4 ft area moving from side to side personally. If that area is open it may work better. You can slope the floor to run into a drain by the wash area so it will not get your tied up horses wet. We also have a 10 foot aisle in one barn, with a 8 foot aisle in the other barn. Both seem to work great. I guess it just depends on what you want to use the aisle for. We have dirt floors so we keep shavings in the whole barn, we can use the aisle to close one or two horses up at night if needed. Kinda an extra stall, that is really big.
They also have access during the day to get in out of the sun or rain with fans on them since we leave the barn open in the aisle for them.
I'm working all day, come home and they are all stretched out in the aisle of the barn sleeping. A couple will stand and stretch but most just look as if to say, "Go away, your bothering us". Plus it gives the show horses time to touch noses with the others and have company.
Whew! I'm sorry that was so long. I love barns and wish I had the money to build my dream one.
Only in my dreams.
Thanks for the tips guys!!! Yeah, I wasn't sure if that was going to be large enough. Well, the reason I would like that may wash racks and cross ties is because I usually will pull 2 out when I first go down, tack them both up, take out one, bring it back hose it off leave it in the wash rack to dry, work the other, then hose it off, the first one is usually not dry yet and then i will pull 2 more out and rotate them. It just makes my day more efficient by having that extra tie areas. Also, if more people are over theres usually no wait to tie your horse which is always nice...

I actually used photo impact pro. I just used the text tool. It was quite a lot of work and hard to line up, but it worked. LOL.
Do you think it would be better if I made the stalls 6' x 10'???? I think I have the room to do it. That way if it ever got cold here I wouldn't feel too bad locking them out of their runs for a couple days too...
I like your layout, just one little problem... You've put 34' of plans in a 30' space (the tackroom side has too many feet of stalls - 6+12+4+4+4+4 = 34'). Just thought you might like to know.

Eventually, I'll have my horse barn.
I think you are making a lot of mistakes.

The stalls are too small. That is the first thing I saw. Don't know about you, but for me, a barn is for "usin" and stalls that tiny can't be comfortable for horses that have to stay inside due to bad weather or illness. My smallest stalls are 8 X 8 and they are hateful. I'd go with 10 X 10.

Also you are wasting space and space is money, by two wash racks and two places for cross ties. One wash rack is sufficient since it's dangerous to put a horse in cross ties and leave him un-attended while you take off. You can also always use the beams in your isleway for cross ties as well.

Figure out how many horses you have. Then add two extra stalls for whatever.
You have a nice plan. The only two things I would do differently are this. I would only have one wash rack. You can put one in a cross tie while the other is being washed and then switch them. Also, I would have the tack stall as near the front of the barn as possible. That way, when you need to bring in feed and such, you don't need to carry it nearly as far. It would just be a matter of switching with two horse stalls. The size of the stalls are nice if they get to go out and play on a regular basis. If they are in there for days at a time, then they may be a little small. Also, you could put an extra cross tie or two in the aisle area if needed and if you put a gate at each end of some sort, the aisle can be used for a small play area for really bad weather days. On really bad days, all my aisles are filled and then I change around half way through the day so others get to play.

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