Bailey foaled :)

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Jan 24, 2008
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I was just getting ready to post so people could watch and had to run to the barn. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but Bailey had a colt. Im letting them bond right now. Whew it was nice to have a semi easy foaling. This boy is BIG which none if us were expecting. We have had a heck of a time keeping weight on Bailey and Im sure its cus hes pretty good size. But its mostly legs. Bred my frame mare to my tobi stallion and I think I got a solid black LOL. Ive been wanting a kick butt show gelding and I guess this year I will have my pic as this is colt number 3
Thanks so much! He finally found the milk bar and passed manure etc. I love boys!! But I am dying to see what a filly by my stallion looks like. Dont know how I am going to pick between the 3 of these! I think I can finally go to bed woohoooooooooo
Congratulations Kay! I just peeked at your new boy and when I read your update on the page that says that Bailey is waxed and ready to go, but not that she has foaled, I wondered if anyone has called you to say "hey, she HAD it!" lol! Would be a bummer to finally get to sleep and be awakened to hear something you already are aware of.

So when are you going to decide which colt to show?
I look forward to seeing photos of both mom & son! Hope you get some much needed rest too!
Congratulations Kay!

Take a big nap and then go take some pics to post!
I was just thinking about her this morning, wondering if she had foaled yet!! I can't get the cam up but congratulations on your colt!!
Where are those OOOOOH AAAAAHHHHHHH PICTURES? I was trying to hold out for them, but I AM glad you had an easy foaling. YEAH!
Im going to go let him out to play and get pictures!!! I am so loving this colt!

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