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Sep 11, 2003
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Hello all

I am Home and What a trip!

It was an intresting tirp before I ever left home! I had to figure out how to load all my stuff 3 horses and a goat into the 2 horse trailer and drango!

That was finally done and we hit the road 3 hours later than I wanted to!

Little Madison was showing Chief on Friday night in Youth costume and I wanted to get there erally enough he could have a good rest!

Well Friday morning I got up got my clipper blades sharpened and got Chief all clipped! Afer I got his face clipped I eneded up having to get his teeth floated his face was swollen due to a few hooks! So the poor guy got clipped his feet trimed his teeth floated and stuck into a sheep coustome all in one day! They did not place in Coustome but were the cute! We will be using that one again! There were alot of great costumes in that class!!

Then she had 7and under under Showmenship on Saturday afternoon! She did Fantastic! I went in and stood aginst the wall behind her becasue ever since her little fall off my mare she is a little leary of other horses! Well she was the third or fourth kid to do there pattenr! I was thrilled with there proformace it was the best one they ad done all year! When it came time for the placings I was holding my breath and I would have been thrilled if she had placed or not! Well they call off all the placese and get to 10th place there are 5 kids standing there the anouncer calls 114___ and I do a qick glane at all the other numbers I see another kid with 114____ He finished it 1149 that was madisons number she stood there she did not know her number then they called out her horses name she still stood there she did not know his show name! Then he called out her name as the person showing the horse

then she got excited I had to almost push her to get her to go! After she got her ribbon Chief troted and gave a little kick out ! It was great!

We will not dicusse her Leadline class

Now for the rest of our placings I will not make a huge thing of this! Except to say this was our second Nationals and our first time to bring home any ribbons!

Lets see My first ribbon was in Adult Coustome under! With the help of Jamie we put on a Barn Yard Slumber! Chief in the sheep coustome with Pjs Boker shorts and a T-shirt, Hope in Pjs and her mane in Ponytales, My goat in his Pjs and my new puppy in her Pjs! And of course Jamie and I in Pig tales and PJS!

We took 5th! I was pleased!

Then in Adult over coustome Pepper was dressed in her bathrobe Red toe nails currlers and make up and I had on a white shirt and pants the shirt sayed Clip-A-De-Clop Day Spa Pedicurist and I was covered in Peppers Make up so i ended up being the Pedicurist that broke into the make up kit! We took 4th!

Then Chief took 5th in the 2 year old under under class

And Pepper and hope took 8th in Mare and foal!

Now on to tell about the other stuff I brough home! first off a Puppy in a pen down the barn from us just had to come home with me she is a litttle mutt! But is toddally rotten I carryed her around in a puppy pack all week! I wanted to thank Lazy L farms for allowing me to bring mis Molly home!

Then I went and picked up our New pot belly pig on Friday! She is soo cute!

And Finnally Misty (Chellesy) Brought our new filly to me! She is soo pretty and we wante to thank Missy for selling me this little girl! I gave her to my mom for her birthday!

Ok sorry this got sooo long! But I am soo excited I can;t stop talking! Well I am off to unload the car!

Wahoo! What a great Nationals! I am looking forward to being back out on the road next year, now that the health issues are clearing up.... so will definately see you guys next year....

What filly did you buy? Post pics when you can, I would love to see your new addition and of course to see how Hope is growing up....

Congratulations again kiddo!

Suzy Hooper

Show Horses by Suzy

Fresno, CA

It was so nice to have met you
And all of your horses are sweethearts as well.

So happy Hope got to feeling better and did well for you!!

Hopefully next year I'll be able to join in at the shows, instead of just watching.

Can't wait to see pics of your new baby!

(p.s. I have a couple of pics from the show for you)
miniapp! I missed you guys not being there! I really missed you guys at night when Jamie was not there and when she was at school!!


Oh good! I was hoping someone got pics! I forgot my camera here at home!! So I got NO pics of my kids at NAtionals!! You can eithre post them here or e-mail them to me!!

I will get pics of the new kids today!

The filly I bought af few months back but had to wait for her to get weaned to bring her home! She is a Bay! and her name is Faith!

Glad you had a great time I wasi am sure near you in the showmanship on the back wall as raven was in that class as well

We to came home with a pup a chi pup so many cute little critters there to buy
Wow! You had a great show! I think I met you but didn't know you were a forum member. I saw you and that cute pup, talked for a min and you said she was a mutt, I think she is darling!

congrats on everything.
Dr.Pam That is Her!! She is sooo spoiled isn't she!!!
Congrats on your ribbons . Take care of Faith, and tell her she can always come back home
But i think she is going to love it there .

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