At 48, is it too start living a dream? Update 2013!

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You have to follow your dream!! Play your life out both ways. One not obtaining your dream, and the other living your dream. In the end which way are you happier??? It is a no brainer!!! And at 48 that is the perfect age!!! You are still young enough to enjoy your dream

How I can relate ! I am in my 60's and having horses in the past , was longing to have them in my life again. Hopefully , I will.

Paula is great to talk to and to learn from......and I hope to meet her personally one day as well.

Meantime.....I am on a find that special little horse !

Dare to Dream !!!
Congratulations Julie on having the spunk to question and to explore life's possibilities. Like roseopal, I'm in my 60's with a history of horses, and have fortunately been able to keep our minis and our few retired big horses.

They all bring a lot of joy as well as moments when you just want to bang your head against a wall!

But then,maybe there is a certain panache at showing up for work with mud splatters on your formerly 'good' pantyhose and 'good' slacks, along with the mud lines on your new (mostly) suede boots. The ones you were so proud of when you snagged them at a summer garage sale!

Your thread is what motivated me to join the mini horse forum, after enjoying it for the past few years! All of the great responses are a wonderful reminder that life is full of many blessings - large and small - and you are never too old to meet new friends and try new adventures.

Good luck roseopal in your quest to find that special little horse! (Just keep a pair of rubber boots in the barn for those unexpected 'trips'! - Whoever said a smile covers a multitude of faults wasn't wearing part of the great outdoors for most of the day!)
I'm 37 and just started back into having a horse 3 months ago. I had one as a teenager, was never taught to ride him properly and soon lost confidence and interest. Fast forward 20 plus years, I bought another horse along with riding lessons. Things just didn't turn out, the boy I bought was sold to me with a back injury and I was told I couldn't learn to ride on him as it would cause him too much pain.

I was lucky enough that the seller took him back and gave me a full refund.

BUT the horse bug had definetely bit and got hold this time. However I realised that maybe riding was not for me.

I love the companionship, the grooming and clicker training and the all the ground work, so decided on purchasing a mini instead.

I'm so excited to what the future holds. Life would be plain dull with a horse in my life.

It's funny because I have a non horsey husband who thinks like many others. " what's the good of it, why do you need one, it just makes work for me etc etc" but after just over one week of having her, he's the one saying " let's take her for a walk " and often comments on how cute she is and is always holding a camera in hand. Lol

Anyway, I just want to say it's never too late to realise a dream. That's what makes life worth living. I once read about a man who was in his 90's who couldn't read his entire life. One day he decided to learn and within 2 years he had written an entire book! How's that for inspiration.
Good grief....I'm on the south side of 61...and completely started a brand new breeding program about 2 years ago. (yes, I've had horses almost my entire life....but making a complete change is like starting from scratch) So at are just a pup and have lots of years to make mistakes and changes and fixes to get it right.

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