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Dec 1, 2002
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Buckskin Gal mentioned this article and I had a couple of people that don't get the Miniature Horse World ask if they could see it so I scanned it.



Thanks for posting that, Tony. I enjoyed reading it. They certainly were two incredible boys, and I am sorry you lost them at such young ages.
I am sorry about your loss of two special boys. I know exactly how you must be feeling as last may I lost my special boy, Coyote Winds Knockout at age 4. He was special to me, he was my first mini stallion and would whinny at me when I went to visit him, loved his apples and even though he didn't have a fancy show record that did not matter to me. No horse will ever take his place.
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I read that in the mag and for sure they were Incredible stallions. Very nice tribute you did on them. I am so glad to have seen and met Too Incredible in person when you showed him. He was for sure Incredible!

Their memories will for sure live in the hearts of those who knew him.

Wonderful article about two Incredible horses, and their owner.

I'm glad MHW is continuing that series, it is a great way to understand the history of miniatures, their progeny, and the proud owners experience with these exceptional horses.
Great article Tony and of course great horses.

Definitely legends

Tony, That was an excellent article. I remember meeting your FIRST "Incredible" stallion in person both in Texas and in Virginia. Never had the honor of meeting your second boy. How about ducking the ODDS and going for a THIRD "Incredible"...... If anyone can do it, you CAN. Blessings.......