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Nov 30, 2002
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Does the appy motteling get more and more over the years? My stallion has always had some on his lips and eyes, but I have noticed lately he is getting alot more white/pink spots on his mouth. Fore example he has a nice "patch" on his nose between his nostrals he didnt have before. It also seems that the when I look at him now they catch my eye more on his nose and eyes. LIke they are pinker.

Does the amount continue to expand over time or do they eventually hit and "done" point?
I have one that seems to be done. She is 13 yrs old! LOL Course, by next year, who knows? Thats just one of the beauties of Appys!

Depends on the horse
Just as the coat changes in appies, some horses seem to change sooo much more than others.. Our little 2008 colt was born with no mottling or pattern, just had sclera and striped hooves, but now has full mottling (mouth, boy part etc
) Our stallion seems to get more "ink spots" around his mouth year to year too..

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