Anyone take thyroid medicine?

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Apr 14, 2005
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Orangefield, Texas
I've just had to start taking low dose thyroid medicine... today is day one... how long before you start to feel a change? I know it won't be today, but a few days or a week?... My hair was falling our terribly and had no energy along with some other things, went to the dr. and after some testing, this is where we are... just wanted to know how long before you start to notice a change...


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I took some for a while-- for hypothyroidism. (low functioning) My mother did too and my sister had hyperthyroidsim. She had the buggy eyes and goiter (sp) and everything.

Anyway, I didn't find much relief at all in the meds. Didn't notice anything.

But since then my thyroid has tested fine, so I'm not on the meds anymore.

So maybe I didn't really need the meds afterall.
Chris, I have several health problems and , believe it or not, I found some of the best info from email groups for those specific concerns. If you dont already have a Yahoo group account, go to and search for either Thyroid or if its a specific name, then that. of course some info is just wrong or rather offbeat, but the majority is great. Usually these types of groups get info long before Drs. Best of luck! Heather oh yeah, check MSN groups as well
For some, who have extreme symptoms as you have described for yourself, the improvement can happen within a couple of weeks but usually a month to a month and a half is the norm. Your doc should be checking your TSH levels periodically to determine if you are getting enough or too much and adjust your meds accordingly.

Good luck and hope you are feeling better very soon.
l've been taking synthroid for the past 23 years. l never take the generic it landed me almost comatose in the hospital and l don't care if the drug companies claim its the same drug. my thyroid started out overactive and over the years went to next to no production. all the women in my family have been on synthroid or eltroxin.

you should start to feel a bit better after a few weeks though some people claim they see a differance the first week didn't do that for me l took them for a few months before l felt l had some life in me though the headaches and tinkling was gone after the 2nd week. every throid case is not the same and some need a higher dose then others.
That's what I'm on is Synthroid... I hope it kicks in soon... I just HATE feeling so wrung out all the time and I WANT PRETTY HAIR AGAIN!!!!!
(heck at this point, I'd just be happy if it wasn't falling out everywhere!)... 'course the stress doesn't help I'm sure...LOL Thanks for your input everyone!

I have been on synthroid and it was not working they now have me on 100mg. Lenthroid.

It is best to take on empty stomach. I still haven't seen much difference, maybe not as tired.

Thanksgiving I had emergency pancrese attach stay in hospital a week on just fluids. Had gallblagger out. after 4 weeks just got to eat normal food.

so be careful


Horsefeathers said:
That's what I'm on is Synthroid... I hope it kicks in soon... I just HATE feeling so wrung out all the time and I WANT PRETTY HAIR AGAIN!!!!!
(heck at this point, I'd just be happy if it wasn't falling out everywhere!)... 'course the stress doesn't help I'm sure...LOL  Thanks for your input everyone!Chris


Thanks Karla! It's been a real trip this year, but 2006 IS looking better... my husband gets a raise effective today and a promotion in a few months so things are already looking better...AND we are planning on having our little house livable by MARCH! Probably won't be finished on the inside, but finished enough we can move in and work on it as we go! I'm very excited about next year....

I just started on synthroid .05 mg about 10 days ago. I haven't noticed any change, but the only ones I was told to expect is more energy and a larger ability to lose weight. I really could use the ability to lose more weight (I am well over 200 lbs) and I really didn't know I was low on energy--just thought it was normal winter lazies. So I am waiting to see also. I hope that things work out for you as it seems you are having more problems than me. Mine was caught on routine 6 month blood work. We both have high blood pressure, triglicerides, and cholesterol, so we are on meds and need periodic checks to keep things in check.

I had my thyroid taken out about four years ago and I've been on synthroid ever since. While it might have a little to do with your hair you are not getting enough protien in your diet. And it takes about one to two weeks to get into your system good.

The best thing to do is to talk to your doc about it.

Good luck
I've been taking Synthroid.75mg for about 4 months now.

Heck i didn't even know i had a problem.

I went for a yearly check up and find out that i needed yet another pill to take

So far after 4 months i don't feel any different. Of course, i didn't complain of any symptoms either, just had went for a yearly checkup.....geez, i hate going to the doctor.
Thanks... good suggestion about the protein... I have been trying to add some to my diet, but I just can't stomach the beef... it plays havoc on my stomach literally... makes me ill... I can only eat small amounts of beef at a time and only every few days. Not being able to stomach beef started back when I was pregnant and just carried on afterward. I try to supplement in other ways... guess just not doing enough...

Thanks again,

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 12 (15 years ago) and have been on Synthroid ever since. The last year or so I've been taking the generic brand and I think it's worked better for me than the name brand. I can't remember the dosage I'm on, I think it's fairly high. I can always tell when I'm too low, not because I'm necessarily over tired but because my brain literally stops working, I can't speak in complete sentances, I get really forgetful, I'll be driving and forget how I got where I am, etc.

It's been so long since I started taking meds that I can't remember how long it took me to "feel better", I had such bad emotional problems from the whole ordeal though that I probably didn't really notice anyway. I know now when I'm on too low a dosage it takes a couple weeks for me to feel "normal" again.

Also, since you just started taking it, it might be awhile before you feel "normal" or "better" because the DR should start you out at a very low dosage and work you up because it can damage your heart - unless you should be taking a very low dosage. When I first started on it I had chest pains (freaky to have chest pains at 12 years old!) and still do every now and then if my dosage gets changed. My mom is also hypothyroid, she got diagnosed a few years ago and the DR would only start her out w/ a low dosage and work up slowly so it wouldn't damage her heart, it was probably a year or so before she started to feel better, but she had to work up alot.

Don't get discouraged though, it does get better!
You just have to learn what your body can handle and not to overdo it, and it's also very important that you family also understands this. And never, never, never, never stop taking your meds unless the DR says so!!!!
Thanks Sarah... I have been started on 50 micrograms (not milograms) and we'll go from there. I know what you are talking about with the brain not working and forgetfulness... I used to never be that way! I stay fatigued all the time, but at the same time can't really sleep well or long... hopefully it won't take a really long time to start feeling some relief....

Thanks again everybody for all your input...


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